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  • Anyone else having this problem? I just keep getting the little bird to earth connection icon in the bottom right corner. I am posting this from the same phone I am playing on so obviously I am connected to the Internet. What’s up with this? I need that extra bird at the end!!

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  • MVNLA2

    @hbiz72 — I’ve had the same problem recently. The number of videos to watch seems to be very small, and I get the bird to earth connection with no video frequently.


    Same problem! No extra gems or extra birds video work…but their ad videos work all the time.

    Road Agent

    I have also had this same problem on my I-phone 5s, its getting really boring, my next step is to erase it from my phone and reload the app.


    Glad it isn’t just me. I turned off wifi thinking that might be the issue, but had the same problem with LTE. Problem started a couple of days ago. I need that extra bird!!!

    Simon Lesiuk

    I having a hard getting any rewards from Angry Birds 2. When I tried to click on the video to get a reward and an extra bird, it turns off my game and I’d had to click on it again. I asking for your help in fixing it so I wouldn’t be bothered by it please.

    fun person

    I’m having the same problem. Every time I try to watch a video the game crashes. I s
    Opened a ticket about a week ago, but haven’t heard back.

    It’s some days i am having this issue, at every video proposed to have extra lives or to get an extra premium the apk crashes and it brings me back to the homescreen.

    I’m scared to uninstall and reinstall the apk because i’ll partially loose my progress and my accumulated enchantments even if i’m connected with facebook.

    In the past i already did a reinstallation but i lost a lot of levels i previously completed (i had to do them back!) and a l0t of enchantments i had accumulated.

    It’s not true that if you are connected with facebook all your progress will be saved, you loose Always something….


    I opened a ticket today but reading your answer with any hope….

    Der Alte

    If you haven’t already tried this, a reboot of your iOS device might solve the problem.


    If you got an Android phone uninstall the updates of Google Play Services. This will fix the crash. Once videos are playing Google Play Services can be updated again, it seems it won’t break the ad system. After a few days the crash is back, don’t update Google Play Services unless necessary for another app.


    @PierGiorgio Urbanetti (sorry if spelling is wrong) – You said you will ALWAYS lose something (progress, gems, pearls, etc) if you have to delete and reinstall AB2.

    Not true, at least with Android operating systems. I once lost ALL of my progress because I didn’t have a linked Facebook account with AB2.  After that happened, I created a very basic, non-personal FB account just to retain my progress as well as be able to send/receive gifts (gems and spells) with others I have friended.

    I have had to delete all data for AB2 several times (probably because of the video ads, etc) to create new space for the game’s progress because I primarily use an older Android device which only has 4GB of built-in storage. I have continually gotten ALL of my progress, gems and black pearls restored when I reconnect after flushing my AB2 data. No need to completely delete the app, just clear the data AFTER you click into the ‘Levels’ area and back out which reconnects to Facebook to save your most recent activity.

    If you are still a bit paranoid about using this method, install AB2 on a second device and connect it with Facebook. Each time you need to flush the data from your primary device, be sure to update your secondary device to match it before your primary device flush.

    Pawel Szotek

    I have the same, resetting google ads ID or cleaning all data in Google Play Services doesn’t work for me.


    @pawel-szotek clearing data is not enough. Uninstall updates to fix it – of course it will only work if you have an older version pre-installed on your phone (there should be since Android 5.0).

    Pawel Szotek

    After few hours all work’s fine


    i can’t uninstall updates- the problem is only in this game


    yeah since yesterday evening we can watch videos. Finnaly after a month waiting…

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