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  • Hey guys, the arena has been like this for months.

    Can’t touch the daily objectives, arena rewards, leaderboards or enter arena battles any more.

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  • The Royal Guard

    Hi Flight Wingman.I’ve had a similar problem in the arena where some of the buttons were frozen and I can’t progress ahead to the next league nor could I claim the arena rewards.They just come up with an error sign.I’ve also had similar glitches in the events when the buttons were untouchable and some of the event access screen had turned into code.I’ve already sent a request to Rovio so this whole type of glitches might be fixed in the next update.


    Same issue here. A couple of days ago everyone else in my league disappeared and now today I get an error message every time I click claim. Tried on iPad and iPhone.


    Hi, same problem here. Arena cannot be played because of the error when claiming rewards. “Epic Anniversary party” also has an issue in that no “transportation gates” are visible on the island map, however I can still play by using the visit button within the News. However the Leader Board will not display so I’ve no idea what progress is being made.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi, leaderboard are only the only bug for me, just says fetching leaderboard and never stops to load.. cant claim any rewards :(</p>


    I have the exact same issue and in a few hours the first day of the new arena will be lost… I hope someone is actively looking at this issue, as multiple users have been affected…


    Same problem here too. This is the response I got back from Rovio support:

    Hello there,

    Thank you for contacting us. My name is Matys and i will be assisting you with your Angry birds Epic issue.

    Please accept my sincere apologies for this issue. There is a problem with the Anniversary Event, where our players are unable to access the PvP Arena and event leader-boards even though the event was working at the very beginning.

    We understand that our anniversary event is suppose to be a celebration of Epic and errors like that diminish the enjoyment of our players. Our developers are currently working on a fix and this is our top-priority. We kindly ask for your patience while we are creating the fix. We will try to deploy it as soon as possible. We will focus first on bringing back access to the event and later we might compensate affected parties.

    All the best,

    Rovio Support Team

    Hopefully this will be fixed soon!




    Same issue now for me.. I am waiting on fixing. This is inadmissible! Just imagine games like wow with unplayable arena! You are investing in char by buy wow gold or other stuff from wow, and cannot to play arena? This is something unimaginable. It should be fixed right now!


    Same, whenever I press a button, it bounces and then does nothing.

    Flight Wingman

    New update is out, still can’t play arena.


    Me too, can’t tap anything.

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