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  • I just noticed Rovio have tripled Bubble’s power while there is an active Clan Battle going on.

    This means all scores prior to Bubble X3 are now considered low and pretty much ineffective.

    Are all clan battles conducted at the same time? If so, why would Rovio do this mid-battle? No doubt some players have paid 200 gems to try to beat their score. Rovio has effectively undermined all the time, efforts and even gems invested in the current battle.

    I hope there is a reasonable answer as to why, but I can’t see it. All I see is a strong need for Rovio to explain this bizarre decision.

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  • smithxxxxx

    yeah , this screw my clan battle too

    from winning around 200 points into losing because of most of my clan members can’t play due to time zone problem

    most of asian players will sleep at that time , who in the world will prefer playing AB2 when you need to sleep for working/school in tomorrow morning

    Twisted Lemon

    Same reason they have Feather Frenzy and Black Pearl Party events end at the exact same times that the clan v clan and clan events end…Rovio or whoever/whatever is in charge of starting events don’t want to give players a chance to earn better rewards.

    They need to stop being stingy and obnoxious because it’s just insulting to have events either last barely any time at all or end during crucial moments. I don’t know what they’re doing other than trying to insult us.


    Worked out alright for me, my clan was winning anyway and the opposing team only had one player at the top and our players filling up spots 2-8 on the leaderboard. I added 20M to my score with bubble’s power tripled and got top spot :)

    I’ve got used to Rovio pulling stuff like this.



    Is there a body that Rovio are answerable to, aside from all their users? (gamblers don’t regulate casinos)

    Most of their behaviours would be considered criminal if they were regulated like other gambling operators, such as casinos and betting agencies. Instead, Rovio appear to do whatever they like with impunity.

    I would have thought Finland had tighter rules for online gambling companies running from their soil.

    We’ve all seen how they’ve increased the difficulty while not increasing rewards. They’ve changed the odds throughout the game to favour themselves. Remember when the pigs popped at the slightest touch? Now they have “super pigs” which require a hammering to pop. It’s all rigged.

    We see it, but can we do anything about it? I’m considering chasing this up formally. Share your thoughts.



    Yeah, I remember times when You just need to slightly touch the pig to get rid of it. Today, micro pigs require even three hits. Also there’s situations where if you touch the pig second time with the same bird it doesn’t give any damage and pig is just stick to the bird. For a long time balloons are very tough to pierce, the damage of birds is lowered and more and more…


    Oh, I grilled their “Support” for Arena seeming simulated (had a week recently where clicking on 12 of my weekly lies – I mean opponents – yielded Vanilla League and 2 were Bronze); allowing it to get to the point where it’s basically an unkillable boss unless you suffer through a gemorrhage and take the much safer 150+FP on you but no spells (only need to equate to 30FP birdage if taking in all five, plus another card or 2+ is that much more achievable); GD not working (Grolken Duck) and every spell getting yanked so nobody got a single broken…or not broken spell (speculation as to why because they aren’t transparent in the least); it took like two freaking weeks to fix GD in a 4+ year game; Chili hasn’t shown up in bundles of 3 ever since the GD fix -> making it a “fix” (I repeatedly asked Support about it, among other things, until it got to the point where I called them “greedy f**ks” and tore into them but all they could really say was that I should refrain from using such language or they’d take measures to cut off my access to “Support” and that they’d be happy to help when I could be more civil, to which I told them I hadn’t really received much support anyways and probably wouldn’t notice and said that I shouldn’t have acted out but also shouldn’t have been ignored for weeks); they finally responded about no 3-packs yesterday; Chili tutorial (if I’m not mistaken) also mentioned how it would always go for the “hardest to reach” pig or something but will now often go for useless ones that are easy to reach and allows that card to either have a good chance of being used ineffectively or steals a slot for more viable birds/spells in current situation; Jetpack Run is fun but they don’t seem to match us up fairly like they EASILY could (hundreds of thousands still play so don’t tell me there should be a game-deciding multiplier difference); Arena is rigged; my clan was being used as a sort of hub a couple weeks ago and saw 5 – yes, 5! – different rivals that were playing against our scores but we could only guess who it would land on if it ended without getting fixed; certain/perhaps all feats don’t track beyond milestone if you’re patiently waiting to claim the reward during a reward-boosting event (reaching floor 30 also gets superseded by next attempt, which is mindbogglingly foolish and should have been noticed before the game even came out); rooms getting stretched out to the point where only certain birds have a chance is cool in campaign but is pretty BS in DC (ever since streaks were included) and Arena, especially when it’s combo’d with micro pigs on balloons, micro balloons invading structures, and just bad level design in general; premature room transitioning seems to have possibly been caused by frequent FF’ing but just shouldn’t happen or be a “smart” feature; premature bird poofing, notoriously Terrence in my case; ending bonuses right before the biggest rewards most of us see outside of feat claiming (which I see gets to be fewer and farther between…I mean come on, a Rare chest for using another 2,500 spells on top of the 2,500 it took months to have used or another 1,500 Common chests opened to get 200 base BP?); harder DC (closed off exits, nothing worse than that one slime slide one going to bottom right of screen); probably harder KPP (don’t ever try nowadays because my blood usually boiled from them anyways); Arena is a farce; scaling is off when it comes to rewards and how hard the game can get in certain areas (Battles, Rowdy, and Campaign can justifiably get tough as nails but DC has become a Legendary chest tease if you don’t stop the gemorrhage and I think Arena has been covered); “Support” only thought I was worth their time when I called them out on their crap; they have been mostly nice but haven’t convinced me that they’re anything but cardboard cutouts with grinning faces; the recompense we get for their f-ups (1k rainbow feathers, maybe a Rare if we’re lucky) aren’t worth the trouble unless we literally weren’t playing while the game was broken (well, brokener than normal); Piggy Mail could be used as a tool to inform us that they know there’s certain issues with the game and that they’re working out a fix but they know that transparency equates to responsibility/expectations; things like extra bird fever toward the end of a Battle and the #extrabirdchallenge (pshhh, we know what that crap’s all about); I’ve heard that Campaign gets insufferable (a good, meaty challenge would be expected but I’ve heard “impossible” is closer to the truth); hat Adventures with a shop are astronomically hard (give and take); everything seems to come at a cost; chests love giving me Leonard feathers out the a$$ even if he’s leagues ahead; hackers should be detected much quicker, especially during start of new MEBC seasons; multi-magician convoluted rooms; and the Arena is a simulation of a simulation. It all just astounds me that they are so deadset on running player experience into the ground, like they didn’t even stop for one second to consider making it free of tampering and so enjoyable that players would still buy gems/apples. What would be their incentive, you ask? How about an amazing game? And maybe they could do more inspired updates instead of everything boiling down to gemorrhaging.

    Tl:dr…Rovio are super suspect and it puts the “GRRRRRR” in my username.

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