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  • Well we’ve all seen them in the arena, the AI doing something so totally stupid it’s almost beyond belief. two of my favorites.

    1. Buffing Seadog to the banner with “Gang up”
    2. Buffing princess with rogues allowing her to be knocked out.

    I know there are more. Post em up.

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  • I was down to less than 100 health on my banner with all birds just knocked out. A sure loss. However, for the next 2 turns the AI only buffed and healed until my birds were up and running again. After that, AI kept healing and only attacked my birds. I won eventually.


    My Favorite is when captain buffs. In general. But especially when he buffs a lone rain bird or rouges who buffs back and captain is then killed. Gets really hilarious when a lone rain bird then goes rage chili.


    I love when I’m fighting a team with Lightning Bird and he casts his side ability on the banner just wasting his turn :D.


    Generally Druid and Rain Bird always healing, Tricksters buffing only themselves and the banner…just to die in my turn.

    Attacking the same bird even if he would die for the poison effect at the beginning of my turn


    Cannoneer buffing the banner is one of my favorites, along with the one mentioned earlier–Rainbird and Matilda healing themselves rather than finishing off my banner.


    My stupidest AI moves:
    Lightning Bird on Banner. (Already mentionned)
    Cannoneer, Capt’N on Banner. (Already mentionned)
    Berserker on a BIRD. (Honestly, the result is from your REMAINING health, not your max health like with Whip Up)
    Lightning Bird on ITSELF. (No advantage whatsoever).
    Killing an ally with support. (This is pretty dumb)


    Captain casting Whip Up and killing the bird he cast it on.


    In my team I have Rogues with save me set, sometimes he gets stunned (not knocked out) and the opponents birds keep attacking in the same turn and next turn, literally wasting their attacks.


    My favorites (besides those already mentioned) are when:
    Sea Dog casts Gang Up on a bird which has already attacked in that turn.
    Rainbird uses his cleansing ability on himself rather than on the banner even though banner has both Sticky Goo and Thorny Vine on it.


    Everytime I’m against a Samurai and I will use the Rage attack in my next turn…the Samurai use his buff…just to get dispelled by my Lighting Bird


    Apparently Rovio introducing a PvP feature to ABEpic must now be listed in this thread.

    Berserker casting Frenzy on himself, taking himself out, and reducing the AI standing bird count to zero.


    Had one today where no birds were knocked out at all. Not mine or the AI’s. I concentrated on the banner while the AI buffed its own birds over and over. Each one looked like a laser light show, shock sheild, power up, paladin sheild. They never took a swing at me once.


    New thing!
    Samurai buffing when ALL MY BIRDS ARE OUT COLD.

    Sir Falcon

    EVEN BETTER! Rogues cast Cupcake Trap on the banner- but the banner only has 200 health left! Sure lose!!

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