Bon voyage, fellow flingers!

  • I have decided to leave Rovio and move on to new challenges and opportunities. That means I can no longer be your go-to-guy when it comes to contact with Rovio.

    Back in 2013 I wrote the first lines of code for the prototype that would become Angry Birds 2. Today we have a small but excellent live team in the Rovio Sweden office working hard on improving the game every day. This journey has been a total blast. The game has millions of players which is really cool, but often a bit beyond comprehension. However, being in direct contact with you, the core players, has given me so much inspiration. Seeing you happy when we manage to nail something is just awesome. Reading constructive feedback makes me want to try harder to improve things. Thank you so much for this.

    I have discussed the importance of this kind of contact with my superiors, and we all agree that it’s something we should keep up. My colleague and dear friend “Hank” will take over the Angry Birds 2 contact from here. He is a great guy and an excellent game designer. Just like me, he is working on the actual game. So while he’s not a formal community rep, he’ll be able to be here when time allows and listen to your feedback.

    I’ll be here for a couple of more weeks, then (June 10) I’ll take a much needed vacation before moving on to new game development adventures!

    Keep flinging!


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  • datguygamer

    @bankler Goodbye and take care. Hope you prosper more in your life in the near future.


    You did a great job at Rovio @bankler. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I hope Hank will be as nice and competent as you are to this community.

    Take care and good luck for your future in gaming!


    @bankler take care! Keep in touch with us at AngryBirdsNest! We’ll miss you!


    Thank you Mr. Bankler, you have been a great help.

    (Hey, just because I said I wasn’t going to contribute or post any more doesn’t mean I am not going to lurk around in the shadows and maybe make an appearance every once in a while. :) I still love this game.)


    @bankler Thanks so much for everything. For answering our questions, acknowledging our concerns, and being patient. We’ll miss you!

    Let us know what you’re up to next, so we can support you in that endeavor.


    Good luck in your new adventure…change is always exciting. You were a great asset to Roivo,ABN and this group of end users. Thank you kindly for all the items you corrected and making the game run better. Also thank you for neutralizing some of the hacks.
    Good luck and enjoy what you do in this life.



    Hi, Mr. Bankler
    So sorry to hear you are leaving, hope for better things.
    It has been a pleasure and thank you again for all your assistance.
    You were a good shoulder to cry on.
    Kind regards.

    Mancala Parakin

    @bankler You did well with Rovio. It’s sad to see you go! Good luck with your next move!


    Hello flingers!

    My name is Henrik and I’m a Game Designer on AB2. I have some big shoes to fill with Bankler moving on to new adventures, but I’ll do my best in assisting you with questions and concerns. My goal is to be open and honest with you and help explaining things that are unclear.

    We have a lot of cool features in store for you in the upcoming updates and it will be great to hear what you have to say about them. Until then I’ll see how I can help with the already existing questions!

    Great to be here, keep on flinging!



    Sorry to see you go – you gained widespread respect despite Rovios’ trials and tribulations and will be a hard act to follow!


    Hi, @hank

    Thanks for letting us know about your arrival.



    @bankler – congratulations! We wish you good luck in your next adventure!

    – welcome!!!


    @bankler Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for all that you’ve done.

    Given the current instability of Rovio, it would be interesting to know why one of their originals decides to jump ship. :|


    Thank you for all your kind words! It really means a lot to me!

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