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  • As I noted, I spun up Navigator a week ago, completing the Finisher set. I have been playing it exclusively for the past week, but no more. It turns out that the Finisher Set is unplayable.

    The individual items are fine:
    – The Hook gives +15% Hocus Pocus healing, and
    – The Navigator gives +8% Might.
    Both are useful effects, and either item may be used alone; unfortunately, it turns out that Bomb is actually *weaker* when he equips both items.


    The problem is the “Finisher” Set Effect. Finisher does not do what it claims: “Chance of 50% to deal 548402 damage to a target with less than 20% health.” Finisher replaces the normal damage with an amount equal to what it would take to KO the target, even if this amount would be less than the normal damage. Further, it fails to account for damage prevention, so it frequently leaves targets standing with a few health, instead of KOing them. This is confusing, as it does not conform to the given description nor player expectations.

    Finisher simply fails to KO opponents that should otherwise be KO’d. This is a unintuitively perverse result, as the expected result would be to increase power and increase KO results.

    It is an unacceptably bad design and it needs fixing, sooner rather than later.


    When we look at Scissors, with a similar template of Hocus Pocus and Might, it has a 33% chance to do +40% bonus damage to all targets [+13% average]. This is not restricted to the single target, nor with limitations on the target’s health. Similarly, if we look at Red’s Dragonscale [45% of +75% = +33% average]and/or Blue’s BEEP! Attack [45% of +25% = +11% average].

    If we look at a single-target strike, Red’s Banner Breaker has a constant 25% chance of doing 100% damage to the Banner [+25% average], while Blue’s Artillery Strike does doubled Critical damage to the target [23% of +100% = +23% average].

    From a power standpoint, Finisher is a 25% chance of doing average 600 damage, or 30% of power, 20% of the time [+1.5% average] against birds. Against banners, it’s 25% chance to do average 1200 damage 20% of the time [+3% average]. This is, by far, the weakest set effect in the game.


    Revise Finisher effect completely:
    “50% chance to deal additional +1% damage for every 1% of health lost by target.”

    This works out to 50% chance for average 50% damage to a single target, roughly comparable to Artillery Strike, except that it has a small damage bonus on healthy targets and a bigger damage bonus on weak targets.

    That this is in addition to normal damage, so Bomb never does less damage than expected. This means there is no penalty for using the complete set.

    , @roviobeni – I would appreciate it if you could look into this. Thank you.

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  • JJAtelier

    Readability and clarity is definitely the crutch of the problem with this set in particular.

    At first when I saw its bazillion like numbers I thought “WOW top tier in Arena” but in practise it’s not only a “win-win” more kind of set buts it’s special effect is tenuous at best when other factors as you mentioned are taken into account.


    Many other RPGs have some sort of Near Death effect, but rarely is it meant to finish off a foe that’s near death.

    The current Finisher works exactly like Mortal Blow, having a chance to deal increased damage when attacking a low-health foe.

    I would really like the Finisher set to cause some negative effect on low-health foes, such as Finish Him. This skill places two debuffs on a foe below 50% health: reduce armor, and reduce healing.

    Alternatively, make Finisher grant Bomb some positive effect if he KO’s a foe, such as this skill or this skill. Basically, when Bomb KO’s a foe, he gains one random effect. I played with the idea of rolling the dice, since pirates and gambling go together, so Bomb can randomly receive one buff when he KO’s a foe. The random effects can include:
    – Recover health equal to the damage of the last attack (Hokus Pokus 100%)
    – Give all allies a 25% attack boost for 2 turns
    – Attack again (Time Jump)
    – Next attack deals +100% damage
    – Gain Thorn Shield and Counter Stance
    – Lower the attack of all remaining foes by 25% for 2 turns


    I like the double debuff option, would make banners much more attackable and enemies more KOable. As it stands the Finisher bonus barely works – I’d rather use the Gold set for the snoutlings and the crit!


    The most damage I’ve seen Finisher do was 2137. And times that it hits 1600, but doesn’t knock the enemy out.

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