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  • Another Arena event is coming! Thank god I got a level 24 bomb with Gold Kaijuu hat, Lazer saber and Viking beard all fully enhanced!
    Sadly though, Because I’ve fully completed snow island (and all the previous islands) The only way I can get gems is by the daily challenges and paying money and the former is only gonna happen once and the latter isn’t gonna be happening.

    I’m hoping I do better in this arena event, the only way to get high is by getting high streaks.

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  • firedragon

    Mine is 29 with Smoke Pipe, Old Compass, and Monster Hat.
    I have also finished all 8 islands and I plan to retire from this game once the Mecha Pig event is over.


    Mine has Golden Kaijuu Hat, Doublesided Axe and an Old Compass. All with only 2 stars enhanced. I’m at Western Island 7-8. And I’ve heard about it. Important: The reward in this event is not a plate like in other arena events.

    Mighty Red

    My Bomb is level 30 (maxed out) with Golden Kaijuu Hat, Double-sided Axe and Boombox. All 3 items are 3-starred. I’ll try to get all the possible gems in the Arena since qualification in the Top 500 or even the Top 2000 is unlikely due to the game being a little too greedy on tickets. Plus, the Slot will probably offer OP items again.


    Sadly, you can’t make it to the top without hacking it.
    I have looked through the files and made some adjustments. All I want is to finish up 8 islands and get all 4 prizes from this event as my “souvenirs” and I’m done.


    My Bomb has Fireman hat 3-starred, old compass and smoke pipe. I’ll try to obtain something other for this event.


    I wonder how tough points are counted. My Bomb is lvl 25 and is often put against lvl 30 birds. Sure he loses almost always but once he won and got 10 tough points. And the other time he got 30 tough points. Are these points awarded randomly?


    I’ve a level 26 Bomb with 3 star Snake Flute, Golden Kaiju Hat and Radio Cassette.
    I’m currently 15,000th or so so I don’t think I’ll get into the top 5000 in the next 8hrs,


    myhey, im pretty new. my bomb is level 16 now, my items were class S (2 stars) class A and class A,i had no luck with the slot, this was my first arena event but managed to end at place 2900 , i was a long time better than 1200 but had no time to play more.
    just received the silver trophy but i have to wait because my bird cant carry it.


    Does anybody know at what level the birds can carry the trophies? I just got up to level 13 to enable carrying the mini sphinx, and now I have a bronze trophy I can’t carry.


    I took a plunge to buy 5 gems and it turned out Thief’s Glasses (protect from Bomb sabotage), and the silver trophy becomes useless.

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