Blues Legacy Class Upgrade

  • This was Voted on their Facebook Page.

    Trickster won the Voting to have that class receive a Legacy Upgrade.

    Everyone will receive the Legacy Upgrade for Free when the 2.2.0 Update happens.

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  • Pointless

    So, once again, what is the point? If we get a 10% boost to the base, then all well and good, I suppose, but these Legacy upgrades are overriden by the Elites. Why would we use them? You can’t even argue from a collection stand point, as this upgrade will replace the existing skin for Tricksters (I have ArchMage and I cannot revert this to Mage). Shiny baubles…


    @pointless My guess is every class is getting an upgrade like what happened with the elites.  Just another attempt to keep people spending money without having to put out new content or islands.


    There are lots more Class Upgrades now

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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