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  • new adventure using an uncommon hat set i have all of so lets see how this goes

    level 1 – 4 stages

    1st prize rare chest

    Level 2 – 4 stages

    level 3 – 5 stages

    2nd prize 1000 rainbow feathers

    level 4 – 6 stages

    level 5 – 6 stages

    3rd prize 2000 rainbow feathers

    level 6 – 6 stages

    level 7 – 7 stages – managed to get to stage 5 but think you will need to buy extra birds

    4th prize 5000 rainbow feathers

    level 8 –

    level 9

    5th prize 10000 rainbow feathers

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  • Dearg mor

    I think the stages are borrowed from past hat adventures, as I recognised some of the rooms. As a result, I got to stage 8, and will probably finish this hat adventure by tommorow

    Dearg mor

    Finished the adventure as soon as the timer, which wont let you play for 1 hour after a failed attempt, expired. Completed Stage 8 within 5 attempts and first-shotted Stage 9


    I feel like these adventures have become easier all of a sudden, as I am able to complete pretty much any adventure post-update. Maybe its because they have begun to use past Stages from past hat adventures. Im not complaining tho, at least that means free prizes from not too much effort


    If you know you won’t complete the level, just close the game and restart. You can try again right away.

    That said, I’m dead on Round 4. Can make it to room 5 with 1 bird and that’s it. Every single room takes too many birds unless pure luck knocks down extra structures or kills the protected micro-pigs.


    I’m stuck on stage 7, I’ve beaten it previously on another hat adventure and I remember it took me ages… not sure I can be bothered this time.


    after many attempts i have finally beat level 7 with a lot of luck involved

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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