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  • I think the best are…
    Protectors Aura
    Save Me

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  • KillerKea

    Some people mentioned that Reborn and Save Me do not revive like they are supposed to. The sets I’d like most are
    Grand Slam
    Reborn (if it works)

    However it is hard to tell which are best since we don’t know the base damage/health of these items. I don’t use Bomb much so a set like Scissors wouldn’t help as much as other sets.


    I think Sweet is quite useless. The sets I’d like most are: Pickpocket, Grand Slam (I think the higher chance to stun is by using Samurai) and Time Jump


    @jlatham Time Jump is definitely useful. One of my friends said he got Chuck performing 3 moves in one turn.


    ive only gotten my hands on 2 sets but i think there probably 2 the best guess least for now assuming more are found later in the game i am half way 17 at the moment.. i have the nightmare set on matilida and the grandslam set on my red bird. both have a stun and both got decent bonus that benefit each other. stuns literally save your butt in battles especially if they proc again on your next turn you might if your lucky on certain battle get the enemy over half dead before gets put one notch towards its big spell.

    i found that with just one set or just a stun weapon it hardly proc and when i had that setup for awhile like why bother using it if doesnt stun.. since acquiring reds set (grand slam) and matilida set(nightmare) work side by side i see almost every game stun going off unless its game where enemies are immune to effects.

    its so good almost be dumb not to use them both every time . the 3 bird can be whatever fit for the battle or preference.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Best/worst sets

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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