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  • I haven’t messed with the Lab after the large nerf to output. But these last 2 contests have lowered my gem count significantly. I’ve looked at the Energonicon topic and tables but I can’t necessarily make sense of it to get what I am looking for (I’m confused).

    Can someone break down what’s the best way to farm Gems or what is the best way to make the lab as perpetual as possible? I know I’ll still have to run missions, I just want to know what’s the best way to farm Gems?

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  • Optimus_Pig

    Here’s what I do. There are probably better ways to do it, but I’m too lazy to figure them out :p

    1. If you can, always run 8 hour and 12 hour missions. 24 hour missions take too long, and although I haven’t kept track, I get the feeling that the output of one 24 hour mission is worse than that of two 12 hour missions or three 8 hour missions. Also, the 24 hour Hard missions don’t always pay out in Super Rarium (SR).

    2. Avoid Easy and Medium missions that pay out a lot of Birdium (BI) and Pig Iron (PI). These are almost always the 4 hour missions, some of the 8 hour missions, and a few of the 12 hour missions. You can’t avoid them entirely, but you can minimize the impact. Also, the longer missions will sometimes pay out in Anger Chips (AC) and Badness Processors (BP)!

    3. Hard missions: avoid the 4 hour missions, as they never give you Super Rarium. Avoid the 24 hour missions, for the reason I outlined in (1) above. Most of your Hard missions should be 8 hours, with a few 12 hours from time to time (these appear rarely, but they do).

    So to summarize (1), (2), and (3), you only want to do missions that will give you SR, AC, BP, Auto Cogs (AG), and DeceptiGears (DG).

    These are the “spins” I do in the Lab:

    4. If you have 1, 2, or 3 SR spin: AC+BP+SR and try to get either 14 gems or 3 SR.

    If you started with 1xSR and end with 3xSR: Spin AC+BP+SR again to try to get to 5SR
    If you started with 2xSR and end with 4xSR: goto (5)
    If you started with 3xSR and end with 5xSR: goto (5)
    If you started with 1xSR and end with 0xSR: goto (6)
    If you started with 2xSR and end with 1xSR: repeat (4)
    If you started with 3xSR and end with 2xSR: repeat (4)
    If you started with 4xSR and end with 3xSR: repeat (4)

    5. Spin either 1xDG + 2xSR or 1xAG + 2xSR and try to get 14xGems. Go back to (4) and repeat. If you’re unable to go back to (4) because you don’t have enough materials remaining, then go to (6). Usually you’ll be short SR and (6) will help you get more. Spinning 3xAC or 3xBP is an inefficient way to generate SR as the best you can get is 1xSR out of those. If you’re totally out of either AC or BP then you’re out of luck and will have to wait until you get more (either by completing a mission, or a node run). Or go to (7) in very limited cases.

    6. Spin 1xDG + 2xBP and try to get either 10 gems or 3xSR. If you get 3xSR then go back to (4).

    7. If you’re totally out of either AC or BP, then you can try to spin 3xAG or 3xDG, but only do this if you have a large surplus of AG and/or DG remaining.

    As you become more experienced, you can also try other recipes, such as:

    1xAG + 2xAC to regenerate AC quickly (the catch is that there is no possibility of earning SR – this recipe is NOT the equivalent of 1xDG + 2xBP which we discussed in (6).

    3xSR which gives you a 40% chance of winning 20xGems on the fist spin and a 50% chance of winning 20xGems on the second spin.

    Also, there’s always the option of respinning by using gems, but don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing, and only respin once (5 gems); never respin a second time as the total gems spent (5 + 10) will exceed the total gems you can earn (14). The exception is when you’re brave enough to spin 3xSR, as the potential winning is 20xGems.

    Hope this helps. Hope this makes sense!



    You’re welcome.

    Please post any suggestions for improvements, and/or errors/typos in the above. I’m sure there are some of both.



    Thanks for this! I’m to lazy…

    Cynical Bird

    @optimuspig TY so much, very detailed! Already hit the lab and now running different missions to replenish my SR. I’ve used up 1k gems this event :(, but won’t be able to get all the accessories. I started at the same time as previous events, but couldn’t make the daily goals, up until the last couple of days, so I missed out on those 550 tokens, instead getting 280 or less. I definately think Rovio moved the goalposts on the Tiered rewards to get to 550.

    Drover’s Dog

    If there are 2 lots of 14 gems up for offer I will always respin until I do if I don’t get them the first time… 1st spin is free .. get nothing respin for 5 (50/50 chance to get 14 for 9 profit).. get nothing respin for 10 ( 66% chance of only losing 1).. if you don’t collect .. thats life and try again next time
    I now work on the principle if you don’t have a go you won’t win…. I usually average 60 gems per day from the lab when not upgrading a TF.
    But that is me … I didn’t pay for any gems so using them to create more is not a problem

    Paul Granger

    Don’t forget to have your facebook friends playing too. A you get thanked you get a gem or 25 coins. I find more gems then coins lately.


    A couple of things I should add:

    – you can of course use pigs to speed up the missions. If you can halve the time it takes to complete your missions, then you can double your output in the Lab.

    – the basic strategy I outlined above will require significant modification if you’re also in the process of upgrading your TFs and you need to burn materials to do that.

    – if you run short on materials, another way to gain them is by running more nodes for the materials prizes


    @optimuspig Thank You very much for this!!!
    I can’t explain how much this will help!!!



    You’re welcome.

    However if I were you, I would take the above with a grain of salt. It’s what works for me and there are other lab formulas that do similar things to what I listed above.

    In the interests of keeping it simple (not to mention I have a terrible memory) I try to keep the number of formulas I use to a minimum. But I’m sure there are better ways to go about it.

    Cynical Bird

    @optimuspig Well atm no one else has shared anything better, so this seems to be the best ;)

    Mad Kat

    @optimuspig and everyone, I’m playing so much more effectively now. Thank you.

    Moderators, can this thread be stickied like the one in Energonicons please?


    I’m sure everyone who’s tried or does it has their own theories and idea’s.
    A starting point, is one of the most important things we can have. Which is what you have provided. In this short time, experimenting with it, I’ve already learned (or think I have) the value and importance of certain key ingredients. Even with the gem count being 20% of what it was. I am happy with the results, while learning (and experimenting) more. I’m sure others will also find value in this.

    My TF’s are about 12s on average right now, so the farming and upgrading are being held in balance… I’m just hoping to convert enough to buy some accessories while doing this. I’m guessing no more competitions until March (for the earliest) so hopefully I’ll be able to keep enough around to work on those too!!!

    Thanks again!!

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