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  • So i get around 13k pearls and not sure should i keep to save them or buying/completing hat set. If about buying a hat sets, there any recomendation what type of hat set should i get?

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  • Buster

    Buy the cheapest first. When you’ve got all those sets, move up to the next level.


    depends on a number of things i would say:

    1. buy a set of the next highest multiplier to what you have

    2. if you have a complete set of MEBC hats (the highest possible multiplier) then complete hat sets you have nearly finished

    3. for completing the different rarity’s if you have none of each rarity i would go:

    1st. common 21 hats= 420 pearls

    2nd. uncommon 56 hats = 5600 pearls

    3rd. Magical: 42 hats = 42,000 pearls

    4th. rare:  140 hats = 70,000 pearls

    5th. Legendary: 35 hats =  875,000 pearls

    6th. Exotic: 126 hats = 1,260,000 pearls

    in all you need 2,253,020 pearls

    this order will change depending on how many hats you have and the sets you have finished

    4. do you want to get the hats now or wait to see if you get them in a chest

    5. if waiting to collect from a chest buy the exotic hats as these never (to my knowledge) appear in any chests.

    6. buy by sets not by bird – so collect all 7 rather than collecting all reds for instance

    7. how quickly you can collect pearls – for me 1000 pearls is collected quite quickly without spending money so anything up the the magical sets i could collect fairly quickly, both exotic and legendary take a long time to collect enough.

    as you can see there is a lot to consider but i hope this helps you



    If it was me, I’d probably not buy the common and uncommon hats right away unless you only need 1 or 2 to finish the set.

    Those hats come up all the time in the TOF, the 30 minute chest, and the rare chests.


    @AggieGuy yeah, i never get another hat besides common and uncommon in chests. But oftenly i get pearls

    @APN i get ice cream hat for silver during ToF, and thinking to completing it. But since the event hats/ exotic one oftenly appear, and im just get for red and blues, maybe i should completing them first?

    12th Kitty

    Start with the smaller and work your way up, you might be able to get more sets that way which levels up the slingshot.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Best reccomendation hat to buy

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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