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  • Sound off guys. I’m at 2360 Star Wars 2 credits and have only finished 6 of the new levels. I’m planning on buying a permanent character soon. What would you guys recommend I do. Buy a few cheaper guys or use it all for a guy like Darth Vader. Additionally, what style of character is best to have permanently, destruction like Chewy, blaster shooter like Han, or someone like Darth or Obi for the force?????

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  • Cal010

    I was just about to ask the same thing. Anyone who has a bunch of telepods or has spent money in game may have a good idea of who is the most useful. I have about 3500 credits, so I can get Vader now, but perhaps that isn’t the best choice. Thoughts?


    Did you get those credits just by gameplay?


    Yep, all through achievements. Everyone should have the same amount of free credits they can earn, except for the achievements obtained by using paid birds a certain number of times. But you don’t need those.


    I’ve been looking through them and I’m leaning away from Vader. I think a decent one on each side would be a good idea. I’m really leaning towards Chewy and the Shadowtrooper since he can pass through objects. That’ll cost about 3200 I think. What are your thoughts @Cal010


    I’m not so sure about Chewy because a lot of the levels are separated. Chewy works well on a big clump of stuff, but when it’s split up he’s not as useful as someone with a blaster or ranged power. But on the other hand, there are plenty of levels where he can be useful. I think Padme may better than Chewy even on these levels, but it’s hard to say for sure.

    I haven’t used shadowtrooper, but it doesn’t look like a bad choice. But I don’t really know.

    It doesn’t seem like there are any great overall choices for the bird side. Most levels need to be approached individually. Pork, on the other hand, has Darth Vader, but it will cost you most of your credits.

    So I guess I’m just not sure. :/ If you want something for both sides, I kind of suggest waiting for more characters to be added in the next few months, they’re bound to give the birds something super powerful, right? Maybe, or maybe not.

    And one more reason to consider going with Vader: It just seems more fun. You don’t have to think or do anything complicated with him, you just toss, tap, and boom.


    @Cal010 I ended up getting Vader, only problem is I needed to fully complete all levels to get enough to purchase him that I’ll have to wait until next update to really use him. Who did you end up getting?


    @lostgreybird I got Vader as well. And you didn’t buy him so you can beat levels easier, you bought him so you can improve your high scores! You have 60+ levels to get to work on before the next update. :D


    @cal010 I have the PC Version and bought many characters. Some simple tips are:-
    1) See if there is a better alternative for a character you are buying. (eg:Anakin episode 3- Darth Vader)
    2) Buy only one character at each category. For example don’t buy general greivous and darth maul. Buy any one.Because they have a similar ability and are a waste of money.
    3) Buy samples of characters if you are not sure about their abilities if you are buying a permanent character.
    4)And If you bought a character , don’t regret it.
    Characters to buy:-
    Bird Side:-
    Light sabres: Buy Jedi Luke instead of Qui-gon jinn or Anakin Episode 2. Luke will cause more damage than others and is available for the same price.

    Blaster: You have the choice to buy han solo or captain panaka. choose what you will need- many laser shots or strong lasers.

    Boomerang lightsbaer: Mace Windu is great for penetrating objects. If you want to detonate a TNT with Many stone or steel blocks protecting it, Mace windu may be the right choice.

    Others: Buy R2D2. R2D2 is a good choice for zapping enemies through steel,wood ,glass.
    Characters to avoid: Yoda and Jar Jar. They are not useful in many levels.
    Pork Side:-
    Lightsaber:You can buy Darth Maul or General Grievous regarding this.

    Blaster: There are a lot of options for this. If you want strong laser shots buy TIE Fighter. If you want many shots, buy storm trooper or shadow trooper.

    Invisibility: Shadow troopers are cheap and a great choice. they work for wood and glass. Regarding steel, Hologram Darth Sidious is the only choice.

    Force : Darth vader is the best of all though he is costly. He is better than Anakin Episode 3.

    I hope this helps, thanks.


    For me:



    1. Jedi Luke : Can swing lightsaber Thrice!

    2. General Grevious : Has 4 lightsabers!


    1. Pilot/Endor Luke : Less powerful than Jedi.

    2. Darth Maul : Weaker than General Grevious.

    3. Anakin Ep. 2 : Same as Pilot Luke.

    Laser Gun


    1. Either Han Solo or Captain Panaka : Always ready for action.

    2. TIE Fighter Pilot : Stronger shots.

    3. Shadowtrooper : Laser Gun + Invisibility = Epic Gun!

    4. Battle Droid : Select which is better.


    1. Stormtrooper : Preety random shots.

    (This section is still wip, because too many laser gun characters)



    1. R2D2 : Only electric character in Bird Side, Buy it!

    2. Hologram Darth Sidious – Electric + Invisibility = Invisitric!


    1. Darth Sidious – You can just use Hologram Version because it can be used with Electric!



    1. Yoda : Too useless.

    2. Droideka : Too useless.



    1. Jar Jar Binks : Can collapse a stracture by shooting his tongue to the weak point of the stracture.

    2. Zam Wessel : Same as Jar Jar.



    1. Anakin Ep. 1 : Targetable like the Lazer Bird in ABSp.

    2. Biker Scout – Same as Anakin Ep. 1.

    The Force





    I have to disagree on the topic of Yoda’s usefulness: with a little patience and a little luck he can vastly improve your score on quite a few levels.


    My brother is an expert at this and he would like to advise you. Let’s start with lightsabers – Jedi Luke
    The inquisitor
    Blasters – han solo
    Battle droid gold
    Ezra bridger
    ATDP pilot
    Splitting up-
    Agent kallus
    Tractor beam –
    Force –

    Hera syndulla
    Boba fett
    Garazeb orrelios
    Count dooku
    Single target blow away –
    Thank you for your patience.

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