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  • Hi. Since the new update I’ve noticed that the banner sets lost power, value. Before the update they were the powerful banner.
    Now the normal banner are more valuable. I’ve just roll a new set banner and this one also have less value than a normal banner. Does any one else noticed this?

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  • epicMarksmen

    Really?My Mighty set is still useful!


    @traneric The health value for all banner set items was reduced with the latest updates. This was done, according to Rovio, to make the arena battles more balanced.

    So now you can choose flags and tops with higher health but weak abilities, or banner set items with lower health but with stronger abilities (as well as bonus abilities for complete sets).


    Ok. Thx for ur answer. But I don’t understand the point. The arena is here to mess with other players. U want to get better items to be stronger and win. If they want it to be balance they should do like nascar every body get the same item. But whatever.


    The sets have less health now, but their set bonus still makes them the best items in the Arena.

    I don’t mind that much, if my banner health gets really low I’m usually losing anyway (bad luck with stuns, knockouts etc).
    Normally I win with >50% health.

    So, I don’t mind that much. I’d be really pissed if their set bonus was nerfed, I’m glad that wasn’t the case.


    The benefit from the set items is still good enough to offset the 10% HP loss.
    Flame set: chili fills up 2x faster
    Sinister: get 10% of damage into healing
    Blessed: 2x healing
    Ice: 10% more defense
    Mighty Eagle: 10% more attack


    This is something has happens to everyone. What I would say is wrong is that
    even normal items HP > set items HP (this gets more ridiculous as the leagues get higher, according to some other reply in another forum here on ABN). They weren’t so good after the update, and when I get a ton of outclassing opponents that have more health or attack or mastery or set items, I’m just exasperated.


    @mingkee27 Frozen set gives a stunning power when you have both items equipped. Although, one of them does reduce your damage received, and the other has a dispel effect.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Banner set lost power

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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