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  • For some reason on one of my tablets i could see a future update of AB Pop, and it didn´t make me happy… they are changing all the designs in the movie designs… i’m affraid they are gonna change it in every game… -.- if that happens i’m done with AB… they are overdoing it with these movie designs, don’t get me wrong i adored the movie but please keep that stuff outside the games? seriously the movie isn’t even canon with the games.
    Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing english isn’t my first language.


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    @eaglecrash NOOOOOOOOOOOO!I can DELETE every angry birds game,except fight and tfs.(because they are impossible to change)
    I could tell that My friend REALLY HATES this kind of design,and really VOMIT EVERY TIME HE HEARD OF OR SEE THAT DESIGN.He would probably delete that epic game.
    SO This is a 1000000000% bad news to me


    The design is crazily UGLY


    How did you catch that? Were you selected as one of the few to see the future of Pop! or something?

    I don’t think they could change every game like this. The slingshot games would be really complicated to pull off, and Epic too. I could imagine GO!, Pop!, Fight! and most other side games to be changed, however.

    Willow looks like a hen in that screenshot, same as Mathilda in the movie. I don’t want this in the games.


    Pop I guess is the ONLY game that is going to be changed that way.I dont see it coming to fight,epic, and go.


    Already saw a Red,chuck and stella movie version on the preview screenshots.Maybe thereshoud be a movie/non movie sprites


    They have these pictures on the App Store/Google Play when you select “Angry Birds POP!”- they should just keep the original designs to make it more unique, or The Angry Birds Movie designs would seem to generic if they were everywhere


    They haven’t done these designs just for posters, they’re going to add them. I think that I’m not surprised by this decision, Rovio had to change designs in one of the pre-Movie games just for promotion, and ex-Stella Pop is better than any of the classic games (or Epic) to make this happen. Seriously, I’m not whihing for change, but I could if it was eg. AB Original.


    Now THAT is some ugly design. Gawd


    I know right…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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