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  • Has anyone tried to achieve this goal, while playing balanced and correctly paired league matches?

    I’m sure that, among the many existing options, there are very few available that will match this porpouse.

    my team “One turn kill” (sometimes, not often ;-))

    – Time Jump mighty emblem;
    – +25% damages banner;
    – Skullkers with CoinFlip weapons set;
    – Seadog with Punisher weapons set;
    – Wizard with Time Jump weapons set;

    sometimes, multiple benefic effects will trigger during the first turn of play and… I can finish the enemy in a single turn (go first almost any game, up ti 6 attacks from Time Jump emblem, 1 seadog bonus attack from its defensive skill, another Seadog bonus attack after Chuck rage, up to 3 bonus attack from Time Jump Chuck weapons and subsequent Seadog bonus attacks).

    From 3 standard Attack up to 18 total hits :-)

    Which are your ideas?

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  • bchild

    I’ve done this enough to count on one hand…

    My team consisted of

    Samurai with Dragonbreath

    Tbird with Last Will

    Marksmen with Beep

    Time jump emblem and Valiant set.

    This is not by any means a team built to finish with one turn (gear can be optimized to increase the likelihood) but have done so during normal play.

    Marksmen attack on opponent banner followed by Tbird rage attack and then Samurai.  With time jump each bird getting another round of attacks.  All attacks are on the opponent’s banner and if I’ve done my math properly, I think I can deal about 64000+ damage.


    if you opt for
    Marksmen with cheating Coin flop
    Samurai with Muratame
    Cannoneer with Punisher
    Valiant and TimeJu

    you Can Simply kick the opponent with your birds and deal more than 60k, very quickly .

    you Can even avoid raging with bomb or Red, because additional x3 from them thanks to blues skill, let them male more damages

    if you rage with Chuck, you can’t choose the banner and diluite damages per opponents’ birds

    if you want a very resilient team, your options ones are good. Choose Vengeance for Blues instead of Beep, because triggering effects are overwhelming



    I did try the suggestions you’ve made and ran the following setup.

    Marksmen with coin flop

    Samurai with Dragonbreath (don’t have muratame set)

    Cannoneer with Punisher

    Coin flop is helpful considering I lose roughly 80% of my coin toss (hence my usage of Chuck with Last Will). The 20% I do win, half of that the opponent is equipped with Coin Flop, go figure.

    What I have noticed is most of the time Punisher’s effect triggers and can deal 60k+ damage.  But for some reason it just doesn’t feel like a lot of damage has been done.  It’s probably because with Blue using Beep, there are splash damage to opponent’s birds.

    As for Vengeance once I have the complete set I’ll give that a try.


    Punisher triggers each single Cannoneer attack and its total damage, statistically speaking, will have lower high “spikes” but more “average” damage during the game.

    As much as Marksmen could bè easily coupled with Samurai and Cannoneer in order to optimize redundant multiple damages, for the same reasoning Skullkers could bè paired up with Paladin and Seadog and produce mass damage

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