App Store Keeps Loading When Xing Out of Ads

  • For the past couple of weeks it seems like it’s impossible to close an Ad without the App Store loading, over and over and over again.  Has the range you have to click in on the X to close the ad been made smaller?  Or is there a new thing where you have to go to App store and back 3 times before you can get back to your game?  Twice, I’ve had to close out of AB2 completely and reload it because I couldn’t get out of the App Store loop.

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  • kelshe

    Same thing here…frustrating. and 30 second ads run longer than 30 seconds.


    All of the ad providers have changed the 1st x to AppStore request, and I believe they intentionally made the x range smaller so we have to hunt & peck to stop it. Even then I get a 2nd & sometimes 3rd screen with another x on it that is the same way.

    I’ve said for a few years rovio no longer owns the game, the damned ad providers do. After all, the ads are a multi-billion profit for them.


    This problem appears to be resolved, for me at least!  Thanks to anyone out there who had a hand in fixing it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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