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  • Several times just as I am about to play in the competition the game crashes. I reboot and discover I lost an entire life.

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  • rlc

    It happens all the time to a lot of people. The whole game is buggier than a termite hill and Rovio/Exient likes it that way. If you lose lives you’ll have to use gems. If you use up all your gems, you’ll have to buy more. If you buy more, Rovio/Exient makes lots of money. Always follow the money and you’ll find a motive and a money grubbing pirate.

    Damat Ferit

    yes me too. today in the competition game crashed 4 times. it is very annoying.


    3 Times for me


    Three times for me


    I’m getting this as well :(


    Twice it has happened to me on the third day, and they seem to happen on specific times of the day even though I have been exiting the app and clearing the RAM on my device regularly after play. Coincidentally I didn’t get any Unicron runs. I conclude that mine happened during those precious nodes, and it has nothing to do with my device having inadequate RAM – buggy game as usual.


    Three times for me in the last 24 hours…..Very frustrating.


    Same here. I lost two events today because the game crashed. Very frustrating.


    Yes the game for me is forever crashing on event or normal runs. Before Rovio pop’s and inform us it is our devices at fault I’d like to say that this is on devices wit 3Gb Ram, 4Gb Ram and 6Gb of Ram.


    For a while I had a good run with limited crashes. However it’s happened 3 times in the latest event.


    I think I would rather have the crash happen than play the stupid beach runs that yield 50 points and no pigs…


    I think I would rather have the crash happen than play the stupid beach runs that yield 50 points and no pigs…

    Yes, just had that my self, and two crashes in the last 24 hours….


    Lost 3 lives on Day 2: Missle Day live event.

    It would work OK for a while but tend to happen on the 3rd or 4th run of the 4 energy bars.

    It happened right after choosing the 2 characters, the energicon, transformer & decepticon icon comes on… then BOOM! Crash to my iPad3’s iOS9.3.5 home screen.

    Oh yeah… I was on a tethering WIFI connection to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as I’m travelling and no access to hard line internet.

    On Day 2 after the 3rd crash, got fed up.
    Transferred the SIM card to the iPad3, however this consumes battery energy big time, but no crashes.


    Next few days Day 3 to Day 5, (Today is Day 6: Lanterns) went back to tethering WIFI, all is OK.

    However I make sure to keep on shutting down and restarting before doing a full recharge.
    So far, no crashes.

    Keeping fingers crossed.


    I think the real question is: Is there anyone that DOES NOT have any issues with the game?

    If you run more than 2 nodes in the same session, the game will attempt to launch an advertisement video on the third run when you are playing online (at least for me). When it happens, the app crashes before you start the run, most of the time.

    Some things I learned to prevent (most of) crashes during event runs:
    > If you’re going to run an event node, kill the ABT process before you launch the app.
    > Play the event node as soon as you launch the application. Don’t go around doing stuff like using the lab, upgrading your bots, or running regular nodes first.
    > Play on maximum 2 nodes.
    > If an advertisement video appear to you, don’t start an event node. Exit the app, kill the process and launch it again.

    I also have to wait my cellphone to cool down, when I’m playing for some time. This app is too hot for my device.

    Rachel Jones

    It crashes regularly for me too. It cannot be a problem with overheating because it does so on my first game of the day. And numerous times since when my device is definitely not too hot.


    I’ve crashed mid-run twice over the last six competition days.

    I don’t know if it’s an app issue, or if it’s a hardware issue, as my iPad is old and can be temperamental at times.

    (iPad mini, 1st gen. in case you’re wondering.)

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