Anyone else having an issue recieving gifts?

  • I get notifications that friends have sent gifts to my inbox, yet when I log onto ABF on my phone (android) or computer there is nothing there.

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  • Dixi 60

    No, not ever.

    I recently changed my gifting and receiving gifts via Puffin browser. Puffin has a neat home screen that I use to access Angrybirdsnest and ABF’s. I don’t use this format to play on, just for gifting. Download it and see if it helps.

    You do know that you need to request the gifts to download by going to ypur Friends Tournament and opening the INBOX, then either click on each gift or click on ALL and claim all gifts.

    Its important to claim regularly, I do it once a week on a Sunday night, now :-), if you leave gifts unclaimed after 14 days they begin to delete. Good luck, tell me if you need more help.


    I can’t send gifts now. I’ve reported it, but still can’t.


    @brendasleeper, if this is a recent thing (last couple of days), then you are having same problem as others.

    It has to do with new friends on your list, someone or more than one, that you recently became friends with and had never gifted before.

    Hopefully Rovio will fix soon, it started Friday, around the time of update.

    If you know who they are, you can UNcheck their names, and try to gift as usual. If you have mobile application of the game, you can still gift those. After gifting everyone else as usual, go into mobile game app, go to Inbox, Send Free Gifts. At the top of page, enter names one by one, clicking on them and then clicking send in upper right corner. Repeat until all are sent.

    To double-check, go back into browser, FB, the game… Inbox, Send Free Gifts and make sure they were sent.

    Remember though, gifts reset daily 0:00GMT.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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