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  • If so, a few questions for you.


    We we all know the games are a money grab. Thankfully I’ve been able to play without spending a penny on any of the rovio angry birds games.

    Why is the pvp in evolution rigged? It’s blatantly obvious that it is. Why does the game freeze up when it just so happens that a player (me) is about to win? Why does a pig have “ko” highlighted but when you knock it out it somehow miraculously lives on? I’m guessing this is purposely done in an attempt to get a player to purchase “in app”. Why does the pvp competition purposely defeat a player (me) when I’m well ahead of the opposing player? Like full life with the opponent having less than full BUT the opponent just so happens to end up winning. And this is with me knocking out the pigs on my side of the rink.


    In angry birds two, how can a player that has a flock power of 351 lose to a player that has a flock power of 310, especially when neither have any spells during a match and get the same amount of birds throughout the whole match? How can someone (me) defeat an opponent by 15 million points in one match and only get 8 or 9 stars but in another match defeat an opponent by 8 million and get 10 stars?

    I know it’s my choice to download and play or not play these games but I’m just curious as to why these obvious “things” happen. And I know I’m not the only one with these questions or sentiments


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    I’m just curious as to why these obvious “things” happen

    As you yourself said, money. Arena rigged = loss= retrying = wasting gems retrying = buying gems = profit for Rovio.


    For the Angry Birds 2 question,
    I’ve found out that to get 10 stars, your score must be double your opponent’s score.
    But for the ABEv arena.. then yeah, those pigs somehow live on, and I feel that sometimes I take that extra bit of damage even though I’m normally the winning player against all players I fight against.


    In AB-Evo, the KO symbol will appear above a bird when you have sufficient damage to knock it out.  However, since we are using touch screens, the act of releasing the bird causes tiny changes in finger position because the last part of your finger to release the screen is the final position of the bird.  As such, you may be redirected slightly enough to miss that “critical strike” and only get a “normal strike”.  I have found that using a fine tip stylus fixes this problem perfectly.



    So I’m guessing there’s no rovio folks that want to chime in and give some feedback.


    Another item I’d like to know about is the daily tower game in AB2. Played it just not and got the pig inflated on the first try. Next floor, as expected, the dreaded pig card. No biggie, right. Used the 20 gems to play the next floor. Low and behold the dreaded pig card again. Used the 50 gems (yes I have several thousand gems I’ve accumulated and won) to play again just to see what would happen. Sure thing, another pig card.


    So yeah, rovio, what was once a good thing and pretty enjoyable has become an obvious and flat out scam. That’s cool. It’s your games and your foolishness but rest assured, I have not and will not be spending any money on either of these games.


    Oh, and your crap with the major pecker game in angry birds revolution going from 2/2 attempts down to 1/2 attempts is pretty lame as well. Who do you think your fooling?


    I’ll keep asking until you come out of hiding. In AB2 I had an arena streak of 176  and counting and all of the sudden my streak has ended. Not because I lost. I log into the game today and I’m showing that I lost a match in the arena. The funny thing is I hadn’t played since last night and when I did, I won and hadn’t played again until just now. No one else messes with my device.

    So what gives, rovio? Don’t you have any answers? Are you people scared to answer? I believe you are. I’ve deleted every rovio game off of my device except for AB evolution. I will encourage anyone else that I know to do so as well. You people are comical.

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