Any clan want to merge with ours?

  • Our clan is awesome and has been around forever, but we’ve lost a lot of players overtime to do an activity. We just dropped to an amethyst rank and are looking for more players to go back to diamond.

    If your clan is in a similar situation or also needs players, why don’t you consider coming and merging with ours? We are fun, friendly, and like to win !


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  • BombBossBabe

    Hi there!
    please, come to our clan!!

    I am happy to make your leader one of our leaders too! We are super friendly and long time players.
    if you join us, say hello in chat and let me know who to promote.

    we would be so happy to be bigger again as a clan! Used to be full 50… we kick only folks who don’t battle regularly with us.


    Where did you go? Why did you leave the clan?


    Hi there. I replied to your other post on here too! Didn’t understand why I was demoted, and also I felt I was probably dragging the clan down. :(

    Flappy McCloud

    Hi. We have a very active clan of 12 members who play daily. We recently broke away from a poorly led clan and we wanted to stay together. We are 6-0 in clan battle since forming our new clan and looking to grow our roster so we can have bigger prizes. Consistent participation is rewarded with promotions. Come take a look. Our clan name is TurdBird’s Herd.

    -Flappy McCloud

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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