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  • Anyone else now notice that it takes forever now to upgrade new transformers? Because of the gems needed now? Anyone have ways of getting the purple and yellow gems more often? I have like 5 transformers that are still on level 12 cause it takes all the yellow gems! The pig lab costs coins now too and it will take all the white gems to give you a few blue gems, all the blue ones to give you like two purple gems and so on. I have been playing this so long (going on like years now) but everyday it loses it fun for me.

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    Unfortunately, it’s definitely harder now to upgrade your characters at higher (>10) levels because it’s harder to earn crystals. You just have to keep playing to earn coins/crystals by doing missions and playing nodes.

    For example, you need 81 white (common) crystals to convert to ONE (1) gold (legendary) crystal, so it is definitely not easy.

    Here’s a chart I made on the upgrade costs and time to get to level 15:


    This is a great chart that you’ve made!
    I  was trying to make one in Excel myself, but during the upgrade of a bot I always forget to write down the costs and time of several steps.
    So this is a real help for me. Thanks a lot!


    That’s awesome!!!! I going to have to screen cap that!


    I wish they would have more ways to earn the crystals.


    That chart deserves to be pinned.


    Tokens can also be used to upgrade TFs (although only those that are in the Token exchange). Upgrades using tokens are immediate.

    1. N/A
    2. 50
    3. 150
    4. 300
    5. 500
    6. 750
    7. 1100
    8. 1550
    9. 2100
    10. 2800
    11. 3500
    12. 4250
    13. 5000
    14. 6000
    15. 7000

    And of course tokens are the only way to overpower TFs (I haven’t forgotten the Gold crates but there isn’t any fixed amount of cost).

    1. 8000
    2. 9000
    3. 10000
    4. 11000
    5. 12000
    6. 13500
    7. 15000
    8. 16500
    9. 18000
    10. 18000

    Nice list. Only 2 minor adjustments: (you already had some doubt about these)
    – to reach level 9 costs 2100 instead of 2200 tokens
    – to reach level 10 costs 2800 instead of 2850 tokens

    Btw, to reach level 11 costs (just as you’ve guessed) 3500 tokens


    Thanks @moifirst!

    I have edited the right token amounts into my message.


    @moifirst, @diamond72, @pako Thanks for the positive comments on my chart. I find it useful for saving/preparing crystals for the next upgrade when the current one is finishing up. I actually have another (much bigger) chart for Promotion costs (sparks) as well.

    I didn’t consider putting token costs in the chart as you can only upgrade a TF if it is in the Token Exchange. So you won’t be able to upgrade any arbitrary TF this way. Also, I don’t think using tokens to upgrade levels 2-15 is a good use of tokens. But for Overpowering (levels 16-25), it makes sense as event tokens is the only option (unless you get lucky w/ a Legendary crate).

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