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  • I haven’t played this for a whie and when i came to download it again i noticed quite a few things have altered. I think I was up to the tropical island when I played last so I can see there’s been plenty of updates! I think I’ve figured most things out like the daily quests which are a bit like the missions in angry birds space. Couple of things though, what do you use the eggs with the crowns for? And also, do I have to unlock the old levels by paying with coins? any help much appreciated.

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  • ixan57

    @brionjames first tip log on with Facebook (I’m not a Facebook user normally). Logging on with Facebook Will save your hard earned scores on seasons. Through experience looks like you will have to open up your previous levels with coins.not sure what the king eggs purpose except for giving you a status rank.if you have problems with some of your daily challenges not updating I.e earn a trophy from tournament etc. This is a bug and has been reported to rovio whom have received several feedback and hope to issue a fix in a new update. Can you do me a favour and check ham dunk levels 2-1 to 2-15 also 3-1 to 3-15. These used to be pay for levels but when I lost my progress these levels have now mysterious disappeared, goes from 1-15 to 4-1. Seems like a long hard task to open up your lost coins/levels but believe me you will soon get there, but remember priority Facebook log on that way you will be able to retrieve any lost data. Cheers ixan57


    Thanks for the reply. Yes I do log in with Facebook to save the data, to answer your question, those ham dunk levels are there and are free. Just wondered about the old levels, if they maybe opened up after you’d completed a certain amount of the game but obviously not. Cheers anyway.


    I logged in with Facebook for the first time two weeks ago. This caused that I lost all progress in Summer Camp, Piggywood, Hammier Things and Ragnahog. I tried to log out, and play as guest, but the problem remained.

    I sent my complaints to Rovio, who came back to me after ten days with this (quote):

    “We’re sorry to hear that game causes troubles. Could you please try to:

    -Sign out from Facebook,
    -Reboot the device,
    -Launch the game,
    -Sign in to Facebook

    We hope those steps will help. We ran into some issues regarding the Facebook progress synchronization and received feedback from players that after a few attempts the progress might be restored. If the above doesn’t help, I am afraid that we will be not able to help you.” (Unquote)

    The advice didn’t help. So atleast if you haven’t used the Facebook login before, and have scores you want to keep from Summer Camp and onwards, I would say don’t login.

    I will have to start all over with these levels. @admins Should I delete my entered scores for Summer Camp, Piggywood, Hammier Things and Ragnahog?


    Thanks for the info. Had the same problems when first changed over to Facebook. Seems to have stabilised now after building up the lost levels, having said that still missing ham dunk levels 2 and 3 missing completely. Still waiting 2wks for updated reply from rovio, they not much help now. Think they are trying to do to much at once now @gladvold


    Another bug I have is related to the Hats. I already collected all the collectible ones,
    only missing the ones that needed to be bought.
    Although the character shows fine, one of the 3 elements under it shows a question mark
    instead of the element.
    The Blues page, line1, column2: blue circle, ? , blue cap
    Hal page, line2, column1 : coloured egg, buterfly net , ?
    Terence page, line2, column1: construction hat, ? , car tire wheel
    Stella page, line2, column1: pink glasses, blue flower, ?
    Bubbles page, line2, column2: ? , wood vessel, beach ball

    I think initially when I collected the elements and the hats, this issue was not present,
    it appeared in a later update, but don’t know how to fix it, as the hat is already collected.
    Are you having this issue ?


    @anpa thanks for info, problems with birdware. Mentioned that to rovio support with the other issues on 2nd January 17. Reply: we would like to inform you that or developers are looking into these issues and hopefully provide a fix soon.we have received some feedback from other players. Unfortunately the fix of this issue will require a new update. Thanks for your patience. Unquote.


    If I click on bird news it only goes back to 2011 whereas seasons started in 2010. Have they archived some of the old info off?

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