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  • burbman

    If you get lucky enough to have the golden pig populate a multi wave level, he shows up on each wave and pays out multiple LC. I think it is random though I can hope to meet him at Mouth Pool! Also today I got the wealthy rogue along with the golden pig on the same level.


    @Kerravon @angryde — OK, I gave in, backed up all my games on my computer, synched my iPad to iTunes on my computer, deleted some games that I no longer play, and installed IOS 8.4. After making sure that Epic still ran, I deleted it and reinstalled it for good measure. All this took at least 1.5 hrs. Will let you know if it helped crashing issue.


    Well, I was about to say that the crashing issue had improved after everything I did above, and it may have. Maybe now I can play 4 or 5 battles without a hard close, but it just crashed when I tried to change a bird’s class.


    @killerkea I found that out the other day when they hit us with the one pig who ignored damage above ~650. Now I play with Chuck in my bunch every time just in case. Usually, I’d have Bomb, Red and Blues.

    I just can’t tell you how much I dislike this update!!!


    @laxietoo — I can’t find @killerkea’s comment that you are referring to. Can you give us more details? Thanks.


    @mvnla2 I’m really frustrated by your frustration – inasmuch as I’m frustrated FOR you! I’m sure that’s cold comfort at this point. D’oh. I wish I was more of a gear head so I could recommend some other course of action. :(


    @mvnla2 It was a post about the GP.

    ’s comment is the last one on page 5. Or you can follow this link



    12 wave on cave 1 level 10?
    Wrong label, still same pig as before.


    same experience used to have 14 pages and now have 3 pages


    @kerravon Funny, mate! Well, I’m originally from the NSW north coast, just inland of Taree, so league is in my blood… but I developed a real fondness for AFL when I lived in Adelaide for a couple of years for work. I was gutted to read about the Crows’ head coach… what a FUBAR sitch, eh!?! It’s kinda hard to keep up with the Cricket here in good ol’ Deutschland, I reckon they’ve never even heard of the game, but I do sneak-stream tests at work, I gotta admit :P


    A ninth day was added to the calendar! The reward is 250 Snoutlings!


    Not from Australia but I played Australian Rules for the Atlanta club in the USA for 10 years. Most of my friends (including my best friend) are from Oz. I started out a Richmond fan but switched to the Swans when one of my friends brought me back a bunch of Swans stuff back for me.


    With this update, after playing the game daily for over a year, I think it might be time to call it quits. It’s almost as if Rovio is trying to push us away. The GP is so random for me, I have to open the game at several different times to get it. Add that to the max LC you can get for the week being reduced from the GP, well, that just sucks. Plus the new lower friend limit.

    The only benefits I can see from this update is the free purify potions and better match ups in the arena. It’s a shame that it has come to this.


    The only bad thing of this update seems the crashes that many people are experiencing.
    For me the changes are not so bad, I don’t mind some fewer LC’s.

    Change isn’t bad. The only bad thing is random crashes for (iOS?) people.

    I like these things so far:

    – New set for Red (I have it, it’s pretty cool, has its uses)
    – New season 2 trophy
    – Good Arena matchups
    – Easier spinning for items on GPM

    Like I said, change isn’t bad, it’s refreshing.
    (as long as they fix the crashes on certain devices)


    @kookaburra67 Hah, awesome to read, mate! And I love your ABN handle :P It’s a cool sport, that’s for sure! I play some very watered down rugby league in a Hamburg comp. which is always good for a laugh. Yeah, I have a very good Yank mate here who is an Aussiephile; whenever he runs into another Yank it’s, like, (shudder). :P


    @kookaburra67 I guess playing Aussie Rules in Atlanta, you are going to come across a few Aussies. I didn’t realise there would be enough interest to have a local competition, and that it would keep going for 10+ years. But good to see the game spread.


    Well, at least it looks like the friends list is a bug. From the AB Epic Twitter.

    If you’re missing friends from your list, it’ll get fixed soon! Some of you just have too many friends! ;)


    I’m worry about newbies because they can’t beat Demonic Wizpig after this update. Prince Porky got stucked after his rage chilli ability.


    Waiting a long time for a new update, and then you get this ROVIO!!!
    Like someone else said, this is not a upgrade, its DOWNGRADE, hard to find family approved words to describe this crap! Really this is what you give us! @^*&$)@*(@&)(9


    @henjovr I don’t think most people are upset by the fact that things changed but they have issues with not only the crashes but the lowering of rewards, limiting of friends, etc. If people didn’t raise these issues, Rovio wouldn’t know when they didn’t put out a good product. I’ve seen many posts on previous updates where the tone has been much happier despite lots of changes.

    Yes, change is hard but a bad product is worse.


    Thanks for that update @tman. So glad to see I’ll get my friends back. It will help game play with them.


    Just had my first experience with the 5x odds in the daily objectives. I did the high-value golden pig riot – both in the arena (3+1 rolls) and regular game (5+1 rolls). I got zero set items, but I did get three silver goblets in the arena rolls. So I’ve got that going for me (he said facetiously). It does work, but 5x odds didn’t get me much for the coin spent.


    @bikerdood i feel your pain bro.

    I was waiting for a post to confirm what happened to me tonight. I had a total of 522 LC and had just claimed the x5 rainbow riot. In all the results were absolutely terrible.

    I got the following:
    1x Chronometer
    1x Lightning Tome
    1x Demise (Filled rainbow bar)
    1x Honey Spoon
    1x Golden Bullet
    1x Ballista Bolts (Filled rainbow bar)
    1x The Sling

    So in all I had gotten only 5 set items from 522 LC using rolls, which is such an incredibly far cry from the old rainbow riot, where the multiplier was x3. Before i could easily get 12-15 set items from a x3 rainbow riot and 450 LC.

    What this says to me is that the multiplier was not changed at all from x1 to x5, and the reward was really an empty one.

    Fix your game Rovio, this is unacceptable.



    Had about the same experience you did. During the “rainbow riot” spent about 250 gold coins that only went through once and only got 2 set items (none of the new set item for Red). Before the update it only took 100 gold coins and during a rainbow riot i would get 3-5 set items.


    I’ll chime in. My 10 Spin x5 Rainbow Meter yielded 0 set items.

    Totally unacceptable, Rovio. Improve.

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