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  • Duiksmurf

    i only get level 10+ birds in the arena now?
    minimal teamstrenght > 875

    what’s goin on?



    Just cant roll that wheel in Arena mode.


    Any advice for beating the final boss in Cave 17?


    @graugeist yes you would think. I met 5 opponents in 7 battles in the Arena today at rank 12! How?

    I can beat him using Paladin Rogues Princess. With no potions I only got 1 star. If you don’t mind using potions you can score more than I did. Paladin with hammers, princess with honey pot and rogues with Beeb. I would have preferred Ballister but it’s what my friend had. I will try again.


    I can’t even start the game anymore. It’s stuck at “Downloading Balancing”. Force-quit and restart doesn’t help.


    @angryjohnny iphone 4s 7.1.2

    problem is that the game has to load so much stuff that it doesn’t hold up.
    it just crash as soon as i can see the island, sometime the new reward chart appears but it crash again after getting the reward (i’ve managed to get the first 4)

    there’s no way for me to play the game in that state.


    I stopped using my iPad 3 a couple versions ago because the game ran too slow on it. I’m using an iPhone 6+ and the game is still ridiculously slow and crashes constantly. It crashes so much it is almost unplayable. In the past week I couldn’t complete 5 objectives in the arena due to crashing. However it seems like everyone else is having this problem since I have the #1 ranking in my group and I haven’t been grinding. I complete objectives 99% of the time when it doesn’t crash. The game can crash everywhere, but seems to most often when you watch videos. Just buying training can cause it to crash.

    I will wait for the next version to complete the caves because it isn’t any fun right now. I’d be too frustrated and pissed off if the game crashed on me after completing 5+ waves.


    Mastery level 11 and 12 are so unnecessary. It already takes forever to get to level 10, and 10 is a nice number.

    I also have the problem about finding all 7 dungeons to unlock the elite daily dungeons. Uh…I’ve already done that, so I’m not sure what to do about this.

    Why can’t they fix the bugs such as birds jumping all over the screen in the arena or being able to drag the Chili while a bird is still busy, causing the dragged Chili to be invisible first?


    @mala, I feel this was annoy, too many message pop up in same time when starting game, this cause game crash after ‘Loading level’.

    level up/new cave
    daily reward
    upcoming/running event banner
    golden pig location
    if event running, will need wait a bit to let enemy come up


    Still not in the Amazon Appstore. While the Amazon store is known for late updates, Rovio has usually been pretty good, especially with Epic. I’d love to start grinding to level 50.


    Wasn’t the Blessed Set bonus +100% healing?
    I just noticed it’s +75% now, but can’t remember the last time I checked before..


    @henjovr It was reduced from 100% to 75% sometime in season 2.

    Golden Piggie

    @m-ich just force quit a bunch and it will eventualy work. also make sure you have 5 bars connection to wifi


    Can someone please let me know what the blueprint awarded for beating Holy Pools 10 was? It was a bow for Blues that looked like it was made with a ruler, and probably has an attack value of 424. I’m looking for the name, stats, and the ingredients needed to craft it. It’s already gone from my inventory after getting a different bow blueprint in Pig Porch 5. Thanks for any help!



    it’s a waste of time, the game is nice but honestly… having to load it 2-3 times just because it doesn’t log into that stupid facebook (and it has been like that for ages), now i have to wait for an event to start so i can maybe play a couple of levels?

    no thanks, i’ll just quit the game


    Has the Facebook login bug been fixed for anyone?
    I just got an early birthday present of an iPad Air 2, the latest and greatest. I can now log into Facebook on my first attempt, but I have to log in every time I restart the game, unlike other AB games. I don’t really consider this fixed.

    Green Whacker

    I sent Rovio a message about Fcaebook and they said that Facebook changed the Api code big time and they are having hard time of maintaining the connection so they gave us another workaround. Everyday, when we connect to Facebook for first time of the day, we will get a lucky coin.


    @goldenpig I gave up and reinstalled – now it’s working again.


    If also someone noticed… Now you get daily 1 LC for getting each Daily Reward if you are connected to Facebook. This means the minimum amount of LC’s you get monthly is now about 125! (30 LC from FB connect, 65 from Daily Rewards and another 30 LC from Golden Pig)


    Don’t forget the ones from the cave videos!


    Why is it that Epic has issues staying logged in to Facebook, but AB2, AB Friends, and other Rovio apps work just fine?


    I think Rovio should stop with these stupid pointless updates (New experience, mastery levels, come on really!!), haven’t been able to play since the previous update, constant crashing. MAYBE FOCUS YOUR EFFORTS ON A EPIC 2 VERSION THAT DOESN”T CRASH ALL THE TIME AND GIVE US SOME REAL NEW STUFF TO PLAY


    Already appear first ads with event. Dr.Eggman is one of opponents as shown.


    I am downloaded the new update, and i have seen an unliked surprize on Epic, so the Arena Crashes much than the latset Epic version


    Has anyone else had issues with logging back into Facebook via ABE game? It takes me nearly 40 minutes to log in with Facebook so I can use my Friends in the caves….it didn’t used to happen prior to the latest updates.

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