Angry Birds Epic The 5 new sets of the birds

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  • greatleo

    I don’t see these new sets on my iPad. Are they Android only? What are their effects?

    On Ios, the three most recent new sets (but they’re not brand new) for Red, Chuck and Matilda are the following. I assume (and can you please confirm) that these are not what you are referring to.

    Red: Primal Power (Primal Axe and Primal Spear):

    60% chance to deal 45% bonus damage per negative effect on target. Removes all negative effects from target.

    Chuck: Mana Shell (Mana Mist and Mana Well):

    All allies have a 60% chance to be immune to negative effects.

    Matilda: Cleansing Light (Heavenly Sceptre and Heavenly Case):

    35% chance to remove positive effects from target. Each removed effect heals all birds by 5% of maximum health.


    Just go to that link I direct. You’ll see some of the photos with the new sets


    @greatleo Nobody really knows what the set bonus is yet. They seem to only appear on computer generated birds in the arena. Maybe on Mighty’s birds in the caves too.


    I play Angry Birds Epic on Android and I saw that there’s also a new set item for Bomb and the Blues. They’re:
    BOMB: The Hook (Heals by 15% of dealt damage) + The Navigator (Increases attack power by 8%) = FINISHER (Chance of 50% to deal 30000% damage to a target with less than 20%)
    THE BLUES: Piercing Needle (23% chance to deal 50% bonus damage) + Piercing Claw (Increases maximum health by 23%) = SHADOW STEPS (10% chance to take no damage)

    I hope this helps.


    @leminhtung03 These items came out for awhile. The only way to find the real set items is computer generated arena

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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