An Angry Idea (or, Angry Birds Trilogy 2)

  • We all, ever since the April 2019 incident, have wished that the Angry Birds classics would return. The orginal, Angry Birds Classic, got relisted as a remake earlier this year on March 31. Bad Piggies got relisted as well, with Angry Birds Transformers staying on mobile. But Rovio stated that they wouldn’t return Rio or Star Wars 1 or 2 because they were licenced games, so Rovio couldn’t even if they tried. Ever since that, I kept thinking about something. Something that may set AB (Angry Birds) on the right track… This idea was related to Angry Birds Trilogy, a game where Classic, Seasons and Rio were compiled into one console port. The idea name soon became Angry Birds Slingshot Collection, where games like Classic, Seasons, Rio, Starwars 1 & 2, Space, Epic, Bad Piggies and Fight would come together into one game. There would also be a bonus game game called Angry Birds : Lost Adventures, where games like Chrome and Flash could be included. There would also be King Pig’s Museumwhere every sprite, book, video, concept, and show will be archived and be unlocked by collecting stars from beating levels. The sprite of red’s first design, George, and the first concepts of Angry Birds would be unlocked by beating the game. Power ups like Call The Flock or Samba Bird would all be included. Welp, that’s all I have. Have any ideas? Type them into the comments so that I can include them in the Saga!


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  • Slappy Bird

    If they want to port the games on console, they should have a cheap price. My suggestion being $10.

    Another idea I have is to making special levels that are exclusive to the console version, so that there’s a reason for people to buy the game if they already have it on their phone

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