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  • Are all of the attack Legendaries nerfed?

    First Bomb’s Scissors took a huge cut, from 33% chance of +100% damage down to +35% damage.

    Then Blue’s Beep Attack was nerfed from 45% of +75% damage down to +25% damage.

    Red’s Dragon Breath is still 45% for 75% damage, or was it nerfed like Beep Attack? How about Chuck’s Lighting? Still 60% for +50% damage? Or was that knocked down, too?

    And it seems as if Legendaries drop much less often, even under 3x.

    Plus, the Castles got a LOT harder.

    Seems like Rovio is really turning the screws, so I’m really not sure I’m excited to play this much longer if Rovio keeps nerfing everything to try to force this into a P2W game.

    Bomb’s Sugar Rush also (unnecessarily) nerfed from 15% for +100% healing down to +50% healing.

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  • KillerKea

    The Nightmare set was nerfed before Scissors, but I feel the same way.

    Don’t you feel like Rovio keeps changing the rules in the middle of the game?


    What game doesnt change the rules in the middle nowadays??


    @killerkea – Fun fact: nightmares set is back to 200% instead of only 200 damage nerfed


    I don’t mind minor tweaks to balance things, but this is straight up nerfing everything to make things difficult for no good reason. The more you play, the farther back you fall. It’s very punitive.


    I don’t have the same opinion, Beep and scissors were way too strong compared to other sets. It’s not turning the game into PtW, set items are still great, they buffed back the nightmare set, the dragonscale and the Lightning are still the same.
    I haven’t spent a single euro and I’m still waiting for a level I can’t 3 star without potions, so we’re far from the PtW. Having to build better combos and tactics is interesting.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Beep and scissors were not too strong compared to the others. They were all on fairly equal footing.

    Dragon Breath (Red): 45% chance of 75% damage = 33.75% damage average
    Twin Lightning (Yellow): 60% chance of 50% damage = 30% damage average
    Scissors (Black): 33% chance of 35% damage = 11.55% damage average
    *BEEP* Attack (Blue): 45% chance of 25% damage = 11.25% damage average

    Old Scissors (Black): 33% chance of 100% damage = 33% damage average
    Old *BEEP* Attack (Blue): 45% chance of 75% damage = 33.75% damage average

    The old versions were all on roughly equal footing of around ~30-33% average. It looks like they are trying to drop all the sets down to ~11% average though.

    Nightmare is hard to compare because it works differently, but it is un-nerfed and good again. If you use bard, 23% stun at 200% damage does 46% damage average. (Don’t forget that it applies to other sources of stun as well.)


    That’s completely false, and your opinion is NOT supported by the facts:
    – Dragon is 45% x +75% (+34% net)
    – Beep Attack was 45% x +75% (+34% net), same as Dragon.
    – Scissors was 33% x 100% (+33% net)
    – Lighting is 60% x 50% (+30% net).
    ALL of them average roughly +33% net damage.

    Post nerf, both Beep and Scissors average +11% net, while Dragon and Lighting are still +30-34% net. They are far worse, not “great”.

    Have you played the newly-buffed Castles? I’m Level 35, Mastery 6-7, and I can’t win at any of them now. The Castles have gone up faster than I have. SRC Wizpig now has over 10,000+ health and does over 1,200 damage to each Bird, healing for 1,200+.

    Did you spend gold on Rainbow spins? The Legendary rate is much lower, with a lot more useless junk dropping.

    Sorry, no. ABE is definitely moving to P2W.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Oh, you were talking Bouboule not me. I was very confused because you stated basically the same thing I did. xD


    I’ve kept our guide “original” for reference.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Oh, I noticed this before but never really thought of where to report it. There are a few errors in that guide:

    Lightning Tome gives HP not Atk
    Chronometer gives Atk not HP
    Candy Chain give Def not Atk

    It is a handy guide though.


    Sugar Rush is 15% to heal 50%. Not 100%.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Wow, they even nerfed Sugar Rush? It wasn’t even that useful.


    Sugar Rush wasn’t broken before. It wasn’t even good. Now Bomb has NO good sets. Golden is junk. Scissors was nerfed hard. Candy was bad, now worse. And he’s the one Bird I have all 3 sets for. Fail.


    All the sets they nerfed is.

    Candy Bomb is now 15% to heal 50% instead of 100%

    Scissors is now 33% for 35% bonus damage

    BEEP Attack is now 45% for 25% bonus damage

    So they made Scissors a bit better than it was but not by much.


    It wouldn’t surprise me if when they nerf Twin Lightning its 60% chance for 10% bonus :P. If were lucky it will be 15%.


    After upgrading, I don’t find SRC to be any more difficult than before. I can still kill wizpig without him getting an attack off… using Paladin (aging dragonbreath set), Druid (good non-matched set items), and Tricksters (aging beep gun but non-set offhand). Open with trickster’s chili to stun, and the chili fills back up before he gets another shot off which is enough to take him out.

    I do agree the nerfing sucks. It dampens enthusiasm. Why not introduce new set items, rather than screw with ones that weren’t overpowered to begin with?

    Lootwise the game has stalled. The golden-spin bug created an in interesting element… you wanted to play because you got cool stuff often. Now you have to wait longer to get less-cool loot. They need to address this somehow or I see a lot of players moving on.


    Until I read the post that the BEEP set got nerfed I was wondering why my mastery level 7 groups were losing in SRC sometimes on auto play. I was training my blues characters and didn’t have the samurai, captain or tricksters in my group so there wasn’t anyone to dispel or shield against WizPig’s power up, but it didn’t matter previously because I’d usually kill him before he got a chance to attack.

    I’m almost afraid the mention this, but they improved the Nightmare set so it does more damage than before they nerfed it. Before they nerfed it there was a bug where the Nightmare effect only worked on wave 1. Now it works on all waves. Not only can you stun with the grand slam set, but you can also use blues’ Egg Surprise which is very useful against WizPig.


    Although I am a big user and fan of the robot set, I have to say that it was overly powerful. They have tried to compensate by increasing the chain attack damage of the robot weapon from 20 to 50%. But this in no way compensates. Oddly, the same has been done with the Dragonbreath set. I think the big factor behind their reasoning for changing the robot set was the high base damage of Blues. But a drop from 75 to 25% seems a bit much for some fine tuning of the rules.


    Nerfing sucks, this removes some of the fun.
    At least the golden spin exploit is back, although iam not sure which sets i now want tot use…


    The exploit isn’t back


    I am very happy to have the nightmare set working as it should, with full 200% extra damage. Makes Matilda’s Bard useful again. I also noticed that it doesn’t matter who caused the stun. The damage is always based on Matilda’s attack value, which for my set is 433 (so 865 damage). It’s a shame blues can’t use his attack value when he stuns an opponent (extra 1,600+ damage).


    I’d be happy to actually get a set item once in a while. 5 spins in a row (3 LC each) I got the same useless horn 3 times, same strength every time, and two equally useless, duplicated items.

    I don’t think you can “pay to win” this game now, unless you are talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Angry Birds

    @graugeist Castles are normally harder after you play it again.

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