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  • Zander

    I’m guessing that if anything, the rainbow bar fills up faster. There was a rainbow riot in which I had 120 coins and used them all for the regular GPM and it filled up slowly after it was full. This time, I managed to get the bar filled up almost all the way (save 2 rolls) after emptying it completely with 100 coins.

    Ravinda Bulathgama

    How do you guys get so many lcs?


    We save them for the 5x Rainbow Riot, simple as that.


    Ditto :)


    Seriously i haven’t got anything from ad rolls since the new GP

    Same here. I used to get them before, but none since the APM upgrade.


    @jim151 I have free-spun probably 6x epic/set stuff on both the AGPM + arena AGPM… so 12x in total.


    Well, I think I’m convinced that spending actual money does improve your “luck” with the AGPM. During the anniversary sale a few weeks ago I dropped $5 and got 150 LC. Then during the most recent 5x I spent around 200 coins on 15 coin rolls. The very first roll I got 3 or 4 set items. I continued to get them regularly; there were only a couple times where a 15 coin roll did not result in a set item. The other bonus is no ads, at least for some amount of time. As always, your mileage may vary.


    I got the advanced piggy machine earlier this month and dropped about 400 LC on the 5X roll. I now have all the sets @ level 52. My experience with the AGPM is the same as @puffybird. I got at least one set item in almost every roll. I think there were only two rolls where I didn’t get any set items. I have also spent real money on the game (I did the anniversary sale too) so I’m not sure what it would look like for someone who is completely free to play.


    @atom I’m totally free-to-play and I’ve had relatively good luck with the AGPM. I performed 3x 5+1 spins during 5x RR and landed 5x set pieces. Three were duplicates but, hey, them’s still good odds! What, 27% or something with no RW$ spend..?


    I had complained to Rovio about the AGPM and they admitted there’s been issues since the last release. Odds are worse than before. I only seem to get set items during the 5x bonus whereas before I would get them more frequently.


    Im playing on 2 devices atm, one has the AGPM and the other doesn’t.
    The one that has the normal GP on the last RR got twice more set items ( some duplicated ) than the account that has the AGPM. So for me the new pig machine is pretty much worse than the old one. On my “better” account I still have 4-5 set items on level below 30… Right now I think that I should stop rolling for items and get all my classes to rank 12 and maybe if they rise the level from 50 when I reach the max I will roll again.


    AGP fills up faster than the GP, can’t say if I get less set items from rolls though (seem to get less 3 stars on 5x Riots now, that’s different). I have every bird set item at level 52 (been playing waaaaay too long) and most banner sets so I don’t use this except for freebies (a free set item still gets me a shard and that I can use to enhance my sets).

    Ryogo Kusama

    This last Rainbow Riot was AWESOME for me, with ONLY 45 LCs (3×15 rolls) I found:

    – Sonic Orb + Sonic Staff (gonna try it in arena soon, hope it will help me against Valiant users)
    – Mana Well
    – Rock (finally I can go back to my Rock&Paper set for Bomb)
    – Honey Spoon
    – Yang
    – Ballista Bolts (about fucking time… I’ve been playing this game since the beginning and it’s the first time I got them…)

    So in the end, 7 set items with 18 rolls (3×5 rolls + 3 free rolls) I’m probably never going to get another set item again, ever.


    Ohhh… Mana Well *and* full Sonic set? That’s awesome! Congrats!

    (yeah, I’m kinda jealous that you got Mana Well to complete the set)

    Ryogo Kusama

    I was very happy about Mana Well, lately winning in Arena has become a pain and the set will surely help lessen the burden!
    I was quite excited about the Sonic Set aswell (even tho I’d have got the weapon for free with the daily rewards) before realizing that it’s useless against a Valiant Set user if he has Chuck with the Mana Set… I don’t know why but it completely slipped my mind. :/


    Sonic is still brutally good against those teams that lack Mana set *and* lack Valiant – they’re out there, and you have the option to abuse them very badly.

    I think you’ll find Arena easier, as there are still a lot of Venomous birds being used. Not as strong as having Valiant, but still very good.


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