ABF skipped last results

  • (25.03.2019) ABF skipped last results. Where my points from previous tournament?

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  • Cathrine

    Same thing happened to me, second time in a row.

    Green Woodpecker

    No points from last two tournaments for me.

    I was 13th in the one that finished on Friday 22nd and 18th in the one that finished this morning.

    Looks like ABF has a glitch that needs fixing.

    I will be heading down the ranks fast as I don’t buy power ups I just use the points that i win to play.



    Seems to be a regular happening when the frenzy thing happens. Been 3 times for me now. I griped about it 1st time in email, and did get ‘awarded’ a few meager coins, not what I should have received. Also their response was the usual ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ response.

    Rovio, IMO,  are losing their minds, along with a lot of players that have been around from the very beginning.


    Moderators might as well remove this posting! I used a naughty!


    Yeah, seems to be a regular thing when they do these fuggin’ tournament frenzy crap!

    I bitched about it in email support the first time it happened and showed them screen shots before, and after, and the adz holes did ‘award’ me a few meager coins. Not what it should have been, AND the usual ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ BS.

    Rovio are losing their friggin’ minds IMO,( and more than a few players) and are trying all kind of circus scams to get us to buy and use the shit stuff the want us to pay good money for!


    @bill-l no reason for us to remove your posts, as you are so right.
    It happened to my wife as well, two times in a row.


    Today is the same story! I wasted power-ups and birdcoins!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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