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  • Want to learn ABF abbreviations & vocabulary? This primer is for beginners as well as veterans. In the comments and post section of each level, you may come across some of these abbreviations and vocabulary posted by experienced players. Over time we have developed our own “code” to explain strategies step by step. They may include the following:

    First of all,
    ABF=Angry Birds Friends that refers to the app, in general

    –BS = basic sling or standard sling that comes automatically with the basic ABF app
    –GS = Golden Slingshot, a paid sling (US$4.99 last time I checked). Using this sling, all birds do more damage to everything
    –JS = Jingle Sling. Buy this sling with your bird coins. First introduced during Christmas season 2012, I believe, this sling will shoot ornaments at the pigs or other debris for extra damage. Besides the GS, this sling is perhaps most popular, in my opinion (I use it quite often :)
    –WC = Wood Chipper. Buy this sling with your bird coins. Using this sling, all birds do much more damage to wood
    –SC = Stone Crusher. Buy this sling with your bird coins. Using this sling, all birds do much more damage to stone, cement blocks, etc.
    –IS = Glass Smasher or “Ice Sling.” Often abbreviated as “IS” to delineate from “GS.” Using this sling, all birds do much more damage to glass or “ice”
    –Bone Sling or “Boner” = a special sling first introduced during Halloween 2013, I think. It is not available to purchase with cash or by bird coins except during Halloween season in October. Using this sling, all birds do much more damage to bones and skeletons during Halloween, but makes a powerful alternative sling during the rest of the year, too, especially against “hard” objects :)

    –RB = Red Bird or simply “Red,” the original Angry Bird and leader of The Flock
    –BR = Terrence or “Big Red” or “Big Brother”
    –BB = Blue Birds or “The Blues” used in context, sometimes confused with…
    –BB = Black Bird or “Bomb”
    –YB = Chuck or “Yellow Bird”
    –WB = Matilda or “White Bird”
    –Boom = Hal or “Boomerang Bird,” sometimes also used in context as “BB”
    –many other birds not listed here because they are usually used in other AB games, not ABF

    –PUs = power-ups, you can purchase these “in-apps” for cash or “buy” with your accumulated bird coins
    –don’t bother purchasing the “treasure chest.” It contains Sling Scopes and Bird Quakes that you’ll seldom use
    –PP = Power Potion (formerly called “Super Seeds” or SS), you’ll probably use this PU the most followed closely by…
    –KS = King Sling, which adds power and distance to any bird, followed closely by…
    –WM = Wingman, which is Terrence (BR) dressed in a “samurai wrestler” suit, a bit more powerful than “naked” Terrence
    –BQ = Bird Quake, use sparingly, often comes in handy to topple the last bit of debris and pigs
    –Scope = Sling Scope. Sometimes referred to as SS, but used in context. Not to be confused with SS (Super Seeds, now called Power Potion or PP). The Scope is rarely used by anyone except in practice to find the optimal aiming point

    Feel free to add your own abbreviations and vocabulary here. For example,…

    –What is meant by a “loaded WM?”
    –What does “gay Hal” mean?
    –What is a “reverse boom?”
    –What does “bloated bird” mean?

    I always talk/write too much. One of the best Nesters to write short, concise descriptions of strats in the fewest amount of words is @bambenio :) Ask him :) And share your comments and “vocabulary” here as well as on the post/comment page(s) on each of the six ABF levels each week!

    –MB :)

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  • Makin Bakin

    UPDATE June 2015… with introduction of league play by Rovio in recent months, there are two new slings: Bouncy Sling and Diamond Sling. These are often abbreviated as BS and DS, which are free but dependent upon your regular participation in league play. The BS is relatively easy to obtain. The DS is only available after you “graduate” to the Diamond League and maintain your standing by playing regularly.

    BS used to be “basic sling” but no longer. Instead, the basic sling is sometimes abbreviated as NS (normal sling) or RS (regular sling).

    A word about Rovio’s league play… Ignore it. It’s Rovio’s attempt to weed out the cheaters world-wide. If you play regularly without use of cheats, hacks, or other illegal “boost” software, then you have nothing to lose but everything to gain via opportunity to earn even more freebie bird coins. Otherwise, continue to play your honest game as best as possible, and continue to post your scores and strategies on the Nest.

    –MB :)


    Thanks for the heads up. I like playing weekly in the league and get frustrated with the cheaters so it’s nice to know that someone is trying to do something about it.

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