AB2 Leaderboards archived???

  • Why were the AB2 Leaderboards archived on ABN? I understand some that are no longer updated, but it’s constantly having new levels added…

    I asked in the leaderboard comments, but no reply, even tagging admins.

    Anyone know why?

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  • Mighty Red

    @haoledave We have decided that updating AB2 leaderboards isn’t worth our time. We know that the game gets new levels biweekly, but those score multipliers that the birds have don’t really add any balance among the players’ scores. Plus, the AB2 leaderboards weren’t so active anyway. We know that some people still prefer entering scores there, but our decision is final.


    Oh. Ok. Kind of disappointing, but I understand.


    Can you do anything about the obvious fake scores.i do like to enter high scores in the nest I’ve tried flagging them .


    That’s just it, obviously fake is a continually moving goal post. There are some really weird large negative values in places – which are either obviously fake or some sort of programming overflow issue. As your birds level then the scores possible can sometimes be say 10x for one player than another.


    Ok, obviously fake is demonstrated by the #1 ranked player: Emperor Micheas with only 40 points in the nest total.

    Total score: 1,236,997,448,150,878
    scores entered: 45
    From Cobalt Plateaus: Feathery Hill: 1,236,997,118,475,061

    The player’s completely bogus score comes from the scores on:
    level 3: 12,398,746,123
    level 4: 1,236,984,712,690,000
    level 5: 18,446,744,073,709,551,616

    It’s also weirder than that as it lists 3 scores entered for that area, and yet the details in fact show 5.


    @quel, I’ve flagged those scores too.


    As have I. I guess the admins just don’t care.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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