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  • Hi Nesters – not sure if anyone can help BUT AB Go crashes every time I load it just as the screen comes up with the “Playing As” message & returns back to the main screen of my iphone 5S. I’ve deleted the app & re-downloaded & restored purchases etc etc – no joy. All seemed ok this morning until I linked to Facebook then nothing – ANY help greatly appreciated

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  • LaurenM

    It’s been crashing constantly for me, too. (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) I get to the main screen and it just closes. I’m sure Rovio is aware of it.

    Bird Maniac

    I’ve given up playing it for the time being concentrating on getting my lower scores improved for all the AB series – i’ll go back once I’ve exhausted the lower end!


    Help I have a Sony Xperia and crash after crash and not the carts the whole game…… Is there a fix or a setting I can use????


    It strikes me what we need is a means to back up our progress and re-install the app – my gut is telling me that your crashes and my graphics issues are just a corrupt download – does anyone know how to re-install without losing progress?


    i got the latest update, and it works for me again. hopefully it’ll help the rest of you, too. good luck! :)


    The game also sometimes crashes after I launch the kart at Rocky Road track 2.

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