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  • I noticed many little bugs along the way so I thought I’d gather them together, also for the future for others to post them in one central thread.

    – Game will play music and SFX when device is muted (on iOS at least) unless you disable it in the app. No other app on my phone does that, if the device is on silent all apps are silent too.
    – Some graphics have a lower resolution than the rest (e.g. the splash screen or the AB Action logo – makes them look pixely on hi-res displays)
    – what’s probably supposed to be the “Next” button after clearing a level only shows “Empty Text”, at least on the German translation fixed in 2.0.3
    – When caught inside cannons the birds are treated as not moving, which causes planes to spawn, and when an objective is cleared you proceed to the next section even though you could still clear blocks for points. (Not sure if that’s a bug or intended)
    – After a cannonshot my bird hit a boundary and suddenly stopped moving when it still had lots of momentum left.
    – When watching a video for a small energy refill, the counter for a new regular refill resets. (This isn’t the case in AB2 so not sure if that’s a bug or intended.)

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  • datguygamer

    I think you should remove that last part before it’s fixed. Take advantage of it instead of announcing it.


    I only had it happen once to me and it was in a poor connection zone. Never around good internet.


    I’ve found this game crashes a lot. Probably about 10 crashes in about 4 hours of play. I can’t get past level 59. It’s crashed 3 times and it’s that soccer ball, my least favorite.


    I had crushes with almost all of the big levels that are devided by six, about three crushes each. However I completed the game. (All 90 levels!) Also the timer resets when I watch a video too. I am pretty sure this is intended as a technique to keep us away from completing the game because more waiting time=less playing.


    In iOS version, I have noticed one minor error in BirdCode scanning function. After returning back to the map screen by tapping back arrow located at top left corner, sounds stop working.

    Sounds will get back to normal by hard-closing the game, then restarting it.


    First seen on Level 37 (where you unlock the last power-up), I noticed a glitch. I used Chuck and there was a pole nearby. After letting go of the pole, Chuck would get stuck, like, literally stuck – he’d still look like he was moving, but he was seemingly stickied to the ground unable to move.

    Apparently the game tried to go back to normal speed (since his power depletes after a few seconds or when hitting an object like a pole or a cannon) but somehow failed.
    As soon as I’d tap Chuck again he’d stop and be ready to be flung – his power meter did not decrease by 1. I was able to repeat that again and again and again – once executed it even worked when Chuck just bounced around normally, after a few seconds he’d get stuck again, I could tap and re-fling with an infinite power meter, until the section was cleared. After that, it didn’t work anymore.

    Now, I KNOW this is in the player’s advantage, but this is NOT how I want to play, just alone because of its somewhat glitchy nature. A bug is a bug and I was about to think my game froze.


    My “Empty Text” glitch has been fixed. Not sure about the others – I’m still testing.

    EDIT: Music and sounds still play when the device is muted.
    The game still proceeds the player to the next section when swinging around a pole or waiting to be shot from a cannon, even if there’s still points to be scored.
    Low-res graphics still exist.
    Plus I noticed a new glitch but I’m not going to complain about it. :P

    Drover’s Dog

    I have been playing a couple of days and it is continually crashing. Most often just after the spinning wheel, but also when going from one part of a level to another. Just used my last 2 ghost boosters and it decided to crash mid level !!!!!!
    Why can’t Rovio get it right and employer some testers?


    Mine keeps crashing on level 40. iOS 9.3.1 on an iPhone 6s Plus. Usually on the second room as a soccer ball lands in a hole.


    Huh. I have the same specs as you, I just have a normal 6S not a Plus. My game didn’t crash on level 40. Odd.


    I have found a glitch and a bug. the glitch was when I completed Level 24, Red was standing, with his arms out, and looking up. I have an Ipad 4, iOS 9.3.1, might be helpful information. the bug is when I was at the movies to see the angry birds movie, the game opened, even when I had a update for it. When I opened it on WIFI, it said to update it to play…

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