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    Hey guys, I decided to post this here.

    I know that nothing will save Fight! from its ultimate fate this November, so Rovio, I’m asking you this:  Can we have some sort of farewell for Fight?  I understand that business decisions have been made and the staff has probably been moved to other projects, but maybe, just maybe, can we be left with something that ends Fight! on a good note?  A suggestion is to be a grouping of reused Monster Pigs, with most of the limited items back to help ‘complete’ the game.

    Another suggestion is a conclusion to the Dr. Pig storyline that was started back at the beginning of the game.  I’m talking about a cutscene that ties everything together regardless of where you finished the game, and for that cutscene to sort of point to the other games or give a hint of an ending to Fight! and a hope for the future.

    I understand in advance whatever comes of this, as it is probably hard on your part to expand on things that are discontinued and dead.  I just don’t want this game to go the way of AB Stella

    Thank you,

    Sumo Bro

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  • Rowdypup

    Not only Fight! needs an epic conclusion you know- what about Seasons? Last time we heard from our old friend was last Christmas with “Ragnahog”- other than that, it’s just been the weekly repetitive Pig Challenge levels that have since lacked creativity by re-using past Challenge levels – which doesn’t really tie well in with the game’s seasonal worlds very much. Or what about Rio? What happens after our favorite feathered friends complete their trek for treasure in the Amazonian Rainforest? Do they ever make it back home safely (kinda the same concept for Space too)? Transformers, in particular, bears quite a resemblance to Fight!’s presumable downfall- how will the events of the game all tie up if Rovio keeps shirking the original concept by constantly adding new events and Transformers to the game? Remember the long-forgotten Angry Birds Stella? Cliffhangers really get tiresome after a while, don’t you know?

    Anyhow, I think I supported my claim just enough. It truly is sad to see another great work by Rovio be liquidated, after all the excitement and good times put into it since it’s release back in summer 2015. Eventually, all our prized AB games will join Fight! in the afterlife, but for now, let’s just pretend like they won’t be ending any time soon. Rest In Piece, Angry Birds Fight!, forever and always.

    Power Pork


    And don’t forget about AB Space…


    To be honest, I’ll be glad if they’ll finish the AB Orignal storyline at least (presumably the incoming dinosaur episode hinted at the end of Piggy Farm, which seems to have small ties to RMF/Short Fuse). The rest of the games are only updated when they’re profitable, so I have a little hope that we’ll see even a goodbye screen in Fight. At best, something like “try Angry Birds 2” poster from Stella.

    Technically Rio and Space have some sort of ending. Rio has the end after the last level of Rio 1, assuming that Rio 2 levels are just an epilogue. Most recent chapter of Space is basically a comeback to Solar System and there’s not much to do with it. Not as satysfying as one would hope, but it’s always something. Seasons’ main problem is that it’s already a massive game, also the oldest one visually. Still I think that there are some plans for Seasons, as it’s not the first time when gaps between updates are really long.


    @abginebird @mp127 As Space quickly wrapped up back in mid-2016, Solar System, if I remember correctly, had a pretty “subtle” ending, where the Space flock simply observes one of the three eggs on Pluto’s surface as the New Horizons satellite drifts past some frozen hogs. After Solar System, it’s been extremely quiet in Space lately, with a bug fix update popping in every few(?) months since the game’s events suddenly concluded. Did the birds ever make it back to Earth safely, or has King Pig got one more trick up his sleeve? Was it the same egg they’ve been chasing across the Universe for 4 years, or did all 3 eggs play a part in this pursuit?

    Do you think Seasons could be coming to an end in the near future? It’s not like Rovio to leave off after a holiday and bombard their fans with over-used Pig Challenge levels, you know. If the game is collapsing, they could at least issue some bug fix updates that secretly dismantle Seasons from within (as most other game companies do to their older games), causing players to leave the decomposing title- but nah. Anyway, do you think Seasons is done, or the gang at Rovio is working on something pretty big, perhaps more BirdWear? More episodes? A sort of “versus” mode? Only time may tell, and we must hope.

    Power Pork


    most old games with the “arena” like features won’t be discontinued for now since people still play it  … while in the other hand space doesn’t have such feature… which may mean it isn’t important to rovio anymore,it isn’t given a currency like coins either.

    Also,the latest bug fix for space was on may while seasons and rio was back on march…



    @sumobro, I wholeheartedly agree. Thousands upon thousands of players were left with unused items they’d purchased, i.e. Arena Tickets, Ship Energies & Binoculars that could only be used in Events.

    A responsible company would recognize they have a fiduciary responsibility to their players who are paying to play. Just as they’ve now formally announced the end of the game in November, this 3 month notice should have been provided before the end of the Monster Pig Events & Arenas so that players, who are also consumers had a chance to use the items they purchased.

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