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  • Piggy Mail is hinting a new bird coming. I hope it’s useful one, but knowing Rovio it’s most likely something else…


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  • Nik

    If experience is anything to go by, it’ll be sh*t and not worth getting excited about. I never use Stella or Hal, only because when I did I got worse results in CvC battles, so f**k ’em.


    Well, I hated the pink bugger and thought it was completely useless. Sometimes it cn be used in DC and KPP to float KP out of the room. The “boomerang bird” is next to useless in practise even in those rare cases that it should work in theory.

    CvC is not for me. Me and myself can do some clan events, allthought those with minimum five clan members are out of the equation.



    Stella is turning out to be more useful than I first thought. She can float a pretty large pile, except when she just bounces off — I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.

    Hal is mostly useless except when a pig is in a place you can’t reach with anything else, or you want to knock KP off to the left. But even then you have to fire Hal perfectly which I rarely do. I never buy feathers for him.


    I’m assuming the “3rd Bird” is Bubbles.

    Considering how many towers are placed close to each other, he could be pretty useful…

    ..Unless Rovio throws us off and it’s Tony or something…

    Looking forward to seeing which new bird this is. Stella and Hal have both been very useful in all places that they can be used in (Stella more so – which is a brilliant addition, you just have to know how to use her ability).

    Thing is, we’ve only just had a Feather Frenzy so will probably take a bit longer to unlock this new one.


    I’m gonna ASSUME it’s Bubbles, he’s a bit of a fan-favorite and overall a fairly major bird, but I’d personally prefer if it were something more out of left field, like the ice bird or tony


    I’m with @Buster – Stella can be quite useful in the right situations, but the boomerang bird just isn’t worth the effort, never bother unlocking him any more.


    I’m hoping for Bubbles. Besides being good at destroying things, he might be able to launch king pigs at pretty good velocity. Tony would be nice, especially slamming him on a king pig’s head, but I’ll bet it is Bubbles.

    I like Stella and use her for the DC/KPP/ME since she is good at removing king pigs that otherwise can only be beaten to death.

    Hal, well he is pretty much worthless. If I’m wasting some time at night and playing a few regular levels, I’ll activate him just to give me an extra bird. More often than not I just use him to kill a surviving micro pig or pop a balloon rather than utilize his ability.


    Stella is very useful to topple the strong structures, which would otherwise only be destroyed by Bomb or Terence. She can also take out the entire structure with  peripheral pigs hanging near it. Her power can still be activated after hitting a balloon in mid-air. Btw, I have to activate her before playing eagle camp to boost the FP.

    Hal is close to useless, if you activate him to play the arena, the extra FP will be a burden, he fared badly in most terrain due to the arrangement of structures. The only good is that he can be shot farther away than other birds.

    I think the last bird is Bubbles, as he is the most anticipated by the fans.


    Bubbles is coming. I wonder if it will be today when the hat event ends?

    Screencap from a short video posted on Facebook.


    Not seen yet. What is the ability of Bubbles?



    As I recall from the original AB it’s kind of like the pig inflator spell, but you can aim it at a structure, then it inflates. It was pretty useful in certain situations.


    Lets hope it works better than nerfed “Pigflator” nowadays.


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