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  • For some reason, I’m really struggling with all the cave Bosses after Cave 2. I’ve Mastered every class, and have attained level 29. Some of my Epic sets are fairly old, but most are up to date. I do not have all the sets.

    My last attempt to clear cave 4 was with Paladin/Princess/Pigiana and I made sure to finish as quickly as possible and with full health…and still only got 2-stars.

    Any suggestions for particular battle teams or strategies are welcome. Unfortunately I do not have any high-powered friends to borrow.

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  • burbman

    One tip I have tried is to use Prince Porky and his rage chili first round on the levels with a low health ghost pig henchman. This at least maximizes the points for that pig. Beyond that…lots of veggie cakes!


    You need a group that can do more damage. Princess and Paladin doesn’t do enough damage per round. What are your best complete sets or set items? If you have the nightmare set, then the Bard, Wizard and Piggy McCool are probably the best to use. Just have your Wizard use his speed of light attack every round and have Piggy McCool cast Restock on multiple characters so you won’t use many veggie cakes.

    Other 2 bird combos that can cause a lot of damage are samurai and marksmen, samurai and wizard or sea dog and lightning bird. You can substitute lightning bird for the wizard, but when you use speed of light the wizard does a lot more damage. You can 3 star this boss without Matilda, but it is easier to make sure everyone is fully healed with her. You will need a third ally to 3 star this because 2 birds at full health only gives you 20,000 pts. I like using Piggy McCool so you can use a rage attack every round without losing too many veggie cakes. Prince Porky is best when you use marksmen or fight a boss that has undead allies and Pigiana is great with paladin and princess or paladin and captain.

    If you have friends, then use samurai, lightning bird and marksmen. It doesn’t matter what level the lightning bird is as long as it survives at full health at the end. You’ll use the lightning bird to make your samurai attack. This works even when the samurai is stunned. This group is extremely effective if you have the grand slam set. All you do is have the marksmen attack first and use the rage attack on the lightning bird when whenever the chili is full. You won’t have to use any veggie cakes to 3 star the boss because this group does so much damage.


    How about lightning bird, seadog and princess?
    Lightning bird will allow sea dog to hit 4 times in 1 go. That’s too much damage.

    Mighty Red

    This is what helped me 3-star the bosses of caves 3, 4 & 5 (I have all 25 masters, my bird level is 29 (max) and I have all 30 legendaries which are level 29):

    Cave 3 boss:
    Paladin with Grand Slam set;
    Lightning Bird with Twin Lightning set;
    Sea Dog with Scissors set.

    Cave 4 boss:
    Paladin with Grand Slam set;
    Rainbird with Twin Lightning Set;
    Sea Dog with Scissors set.

    Cave 5 boss:

    Strategy 1:
    Paladin with Grand Slam set;
    Lightning Bird with Reborn set;
    Sea Dog with Sugar Rush set.

    Strategy 2:
    Samurai with Grand Slam set;
    Priest with Nightmare set;
    Marksmen with BEEP Attack set.

    Without masters, the mentioned classes and sets there’s no way to 3-star them.


    I’m assuming he doesn’t have the sea dog because if he did he wouldn’t need help 3 starring the cave bosses. Also most people don’t have all masters and all the sets. Few people even have a single master. I have no masters, no sea dog, no friends and my only sets are the grand slam, nightmare and sweet. I 3 starred everything before the cave 5 boss before I had any sets. Level 25 was the max at that time so it is possible to 3 star everything without buying any lucky coins or exploiting the bug to get set items. I got 48,000 for the cave 4 boss which is much higher than I needed to 3 star it. Of course someone with masters and all the sets can get higher scores than me. When you don’t have the ability to borrow birds you need to use a lot of veggie cakes to 3 star some cave bosses. The cave 7 boss can be 3 starred without borrowing any birds and without using any consumables if you use the right strategy.


    KillerKea, you are clearly better at this than me. Had you read my post you would know that I do indeed have a master sea dog. I’ve never had Nightmare. Without friend’s birds the caves are a game of veggie cakes. Would love to hear your mysterious strategy for Lawrence on cave 7.


    To 3 star Lawernce in cave 7 all you need to do is use the Knight and Princess to ensure Lawernce always attacks Red. The Princess can both heal and remove the harmful effect from Lawernce. You need a third bird or pig just so you can get the full 30,000 pts from having 3 characters at full health. Best sets to use in my opinion are grand slam and sweet, but you can beat him without any sets.

    All you do is have Red attack every round and have him cast Protect right before he gets hit with the charge from Lawrence that does 2916 damage. You can have him use his heroic strike whenever your rage chili fills up. Princess heals when needed and attacks all the other rounds. For the third character you can use whatever you want, but using the Sea Dog would be the best choice since you’ll finish Lawerence off quicker. Just use the Sea Dog’s Gang Up with Red and don’t forget to heal everyone before killing Lawrence.

    For people who don’t have the Sea Dog the Rogue makes a good choice for the third bird because it can use cupcake trap to reflect the 2916 damage back to Lawrence.


    Just to note in contrary to what someone else mentioned – I have no master classes and I was able to three star all but Cave 4 and 5 without Master Classes. Used all Elite classes for those.

    Cave 3 I used paladin, wizard, tricksters. Fed chili to chuck. Used 3-5 veggie cakes. Cave 6 and 7 bosses were surprisingly easy. Unfortunately, I don’t remember those strategies because I, surprisingly, 3 starred them first time through.

    Working on Cave 4 and 5 now, which I’m thinking I will need a Master Class or two. And will need access to Sea Dog, so I’m saving LC for him since friends list is scarce of Sea Dogs.


    You don’t need masters if you use lots of chili.

    I did Cave 6 without any consumables using elite Paladin, elite Princess and Pigiana.

    I did Cave 5 with elite Wizard, elite Bard with nightmare set, Pigiana and a lot of veggie cakes.

    Cave 7 is really tough until you figure out the proper strategy for it. Most people won’t think of using the Knight since they pretty much abandoned using him after the early stages. They get so used to using the Paladin or Samurai that switching to the Knight never occurs to them.

    To 3 star Cave 4 I used two elites, Piggy McCool and lots of veggie cakes. My 2 elites were either Bard with Nigthmare or Samurai with Grand Slam and Wizard or Lightning Bird.

    I bet you can 3 star all the bosses using Samurai with Grand Slam, Lightning Bird and Marksmen without using very many consumables.

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