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  • Buster or Zoom or Max depending on which name they use just managed
    217 stars in 35 minutes.

    That is impossible without cheating.

    Screen shots prove it.

    What are you going to do about it Rovio?

    And yes I know this isn’t an official Rovio site but they are represented on here.


    Check the difference between my timer and Busters scores


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  • CaptSternn

    I have seen that sort of thing in some of the groups I have been in, Aeshna. One week I fought hard to catch up to first place and get ahead. Then in just a few minutes they got a boost of well over 200 points.

    The arena went real bad once the winning streak was introduced. I know they want to keep things fresh and fun, but it isn’t going that way lately. At least the opponents seem to have lost the spells again.


    Hi Capt,

    Thanks for the reply. I haven’t been on here for months, look at all the new faces! While faces change, the problems don’t. Rovio never learn.

    I had a feeling Buster was a cheat when they jumped into first place on Sunday. I kept a close check on them and they just kept getting to top of league without ever playing! There were days where they never advanced their score and I thought I might sneak a first if they didn’t check the table on last day. I was taking a screen shot every few rounds and caught them red handed. Not sure why they even play because I reckon they only logged on 5 or 6 times in a week judging by the jumps in their score.

    The 217 stars in 35 minutes works out they obtained 6 stars every minute! That is impossible by playing normally.

    Might send the screenshots to Rovio, no doubt they make some excuse up for Buster – Max – Zoom.

    I did regularly see a Max and his photo was of someone with a beard. One week they had the star of shame, 1 star, and I do wonder if it’s them back with a new way of cheating but it’s irrelevant really.



    It’s a test. Beat it and beat it bad, and you will forever be grouped with users that you can beat with no more than 100 stars.


    Good to see you again, Aeshna. I stick around here and comment when I think I can help somebody. You could send the information to Rovio but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

    One strange thing about some of the photos of people I have noticed, they change the direction they are facing. When playing the round, they are facing to the left, or my right, then in the win/lose screen they are facing the other way. I don’t get what is going on there.

    Now I just want to stay out of the bottom three and that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I don’t want to be glued to my device all the time, just play for the enjoyment of knocking things down. And when I come across a person like you describe, I know beating them isn’t possible.

    I did pay the $10 for the scepter so I get a small chest every 15 minutes. I get so much from that and playing that winning the arena doesn’t give the kind of rewards that are worth non-stop playing for a few extra at the end of the week. In that way Rovio watered down the cheaters and hacks, at least in my opinion. I do miss the way things were before the winning streak came around, but it is what it is.


    It’s possibble that the score was not transmitted properly and you saw it after the app has been “refreshed” by leaving and reentering the arena .
    200 points in 30 minutes is indeed impossible just remember how much time that commercial videos take every time.

    Mancala Parakin

    I had the same problem today — 72 stars in one minute! I wound up finishing in second because of this. If they’re not cheaters, maybe Rovio “freeze” players’ scores to trick you into believing that you’ll finish ahead of them.

    Mancala Parakin

    200 points in 30 minutes is indeed impossible

    Not if you’re playing across multiple devices. Rovio need put an end to this “strategy.” I see it as cheating. For instance, when you log into, say, your iPad, you’re logged out of your iPhone. One is enough. Enough is enough!


    Just 200 ? I had a guy pop 300 in 1.5 hrs after New tournament started. I was playing normally and he was at bottom. A few players were creeping up slowly with me and then BAM! 300 stars instantly. 1 day later another 250 stars instantly. I have learned to live with the reality of arena cheaters but now my level 41
    nest is playing level 77s. Wtf.

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