2 different players, same ipad?

  • My wife’s having some health issues. I want to give her something to take her mind off of it by introducing her to ABF. I can’t afford another ipad right now. Is it possible for two people to play ABF on the same ipad? I saw a note online about using 2 different browsers, but the site had lots of intrusive popups, etc so I closed the window quickly, worried about malware.

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  • datguygamer

    Yes it’s possible via these scenarios on the app even:

    1. Both of you can play normally without logging into Facebook
    2. One can play normally while the other can log in when necessary. Once you log out your progress will be removed reverting to the device save that the other one is playing
    3, Both of you use two Facebook accounts to log in and play. Once one has done playing, just log in to the or account to continue.

    It’s simple really. There’s no need for browsers or anything like that. You can just use the app and be done with it.


    Thanks @datguygamer . I’m a little paranoid because we had an issue with another game last year, I lost 6 months of progress. I think it was something to do with the settings in the IOS dedicated facebook section that overrode a manual FB login.


    @jkhab69 No, you can just use two different FB accounts and that’s it. Progress is synced via FB, so once you log out after playing, your wife can log in with her’s and she can play on her profile. It’s simple really.

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