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  • For the first time since I play this game, I have one character who appeared on 2 events at the same time.
    One time on the top nod on desert island,
    one time in pig city, nod most to the right/under.
    The pig city event is a golden dome event.
    I can’t play neither of them because the character is still upgrading for the next 12 hours.
    I can’t show it because I can’t get them on one screen shot, even when I zoom out the maximum possible.

    Anyone who had this before?

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  • Mighty Red

    @bigorange This has always been possible, so it’s nothing new or exciting.


    It happens, but only rarely, because you only have a 1 in 25 chance (or a 1 in 27 chance once you add Arcee and Airachnid to your roster) of any given TF being selected for the Gold Dome.

    The first time I noticed something like that was only a month ago.

    The interesting thing is that the damage you take on one of the two events shows up on your TF for the other event, so you have to remember to recharge first if you’ve finished playing one and are moving on to the other.


    I didn’t know that, I never saw anyone mentioned it here, my mistake…



    No worries. Like I said, I only noticed it for the first time a month ago, and prior to that I didn’t think it could happen either!


    I’ve had this happen a few times. Usually when I skip a gold dome because I don’t feel like it will be worth paying the ten gems.

    On a similar oddity note I opened the game this morning and found only five nodes transformed and a gold dome. I guess instead of showing up in an empty node the gold dome overwrote a transformed one.


    It seemed to happen to me each time a gold dome appeared. I only did a gold dome a few times as I found the 10 gem fee didn’t usually amount to any sort of big haul (had the wrong buddy, weak TF). Seems like even the bugs in this game have bugs :)

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