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  • The new hard update is in the iOS app store. Looks like it just introduces Strongarm and some accessories

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  • Joel

    Apparently, they really want us to try and get Strongarm through gold crates. Her logo is now next to the button to open crates


    I feel like they made it seem like I would definitely get her by opening gold crates. I opened a set. No Strongarm


    Some small changes I’ve noticed:

    Energon Optimus Prime’s Star Saber can now be purchased for 1000 gems in the barracks.

    Coin cost for recharging bots has been very slighty changed. For example: Recharging a bot with one heart missing used to cost 60 coins. Now it costs 50.

    You’re now no longer able to enter the pig lab if you don’t have enough materials to craft anything.

    Gem purchases in the shop will reward twice as many gems if you haven’t bought any before.


    Classic Rovio bait-and-switch.

    I refuse to get suckered into wasting even more gems on their gambling.


    The description of the update says:

    “Optimised experience – Energon replenished”.

    I wonder what “Energon replenished” means?


    The Thank 5 Buddies mission has been lowered to 3.


    If Rovio/Exient is greedy and they want us to open gold crates to get Strongarm will the next be about Strongarm or something else…

    Luis C.

    So, besides @joel687 has anybody actully bitten the bullet and wasted 200 gems to see if they got the new bot ?


    I’m going to wait until the event goes live and see if Strongarm is available to purcahse for 500 gems (for me – I know it’s different for everyone) like the last two TFs that were introduced.


    @luis-carlo-arocha You need to waste 2000 gems (and not 200) as the characters are legendary drops and the X10 crates give you more chance on that.


    I see that there was an update in the App Store but it does not show as available for me.  Any ideas?

    @joel687  Rovio/Exient is just trying to get you to waste your gems (and spend money on more gems), and that’s why they’re pushing the gold crates right now. If they want us to open more gold crates with gems, then they should give us at least one free gold crate per day (like they do with the steel crates), and/or the option to earn free gold crates by watching video ads.


    Just bought Strongarm for 500 gems.


    500 Gems is a real bargain! Had a look and I have to pay 2000! Gems for strongarm with 33000 sparks included. I’m not going to do that, would have bought her for 500 gems.

    I’m being offered Strongarm for 2000 gems, but I only have over 700 gems, and I can’t buy any more gems right now. I’m irritated at Rovio offering different bundles to different players in a way that is totally unfair. We should all be getting the same bundles regardless of their gem cost instead of some players getting better deals than other players for no apparent reason.

    On another note, @birdboy2016hot has created a forum topic specifically for the Strongarm event.



    I have had the same issue on iphone for the last 3 hard updates……..

    I am backed up via facebook, have to delete this app and then reinstall it. Only other option is to wait 3-4 days for it to show up in updates.

    Side note…. i got Strongarm, 10,000 coins, 2,500 sparks for 500 gems


    After hard update, I don’t have option to heal bots with advertising video. Also don’t have option to double earned coins with video. Hope to be returned at least for the healing!!!

    @asen same story here i can’t heal any bot. But i have a solution to close the game and re run the game again. And yes for 2-3 times i can heal bots with watching adds but after three times it stops. Some times even after maximum 2 times it stops. And the question is… is it a bug or potentially made bug to spend money and gems to fasten the process?

    @asen  and  @elpapam  I have an easy, and free, solution to instantly heal my Transformers, which I use (and have been using since long before now) when I can’t watch a video ad. But I don’t want reveal that solution here in the forum so that maybe   it will keep Rovio from trying to “fix” that solution. If you want to know what my solution is, I can try sending it to you in a private message (assuming that I can send private messages on this site).

    @elpapam  I tried to tag you in my previous message, but it didn’t work properly. Please see my previous message.


    @ethan2011  Thanks.  The update showed up this morning.


    Yeah, there’s no video benefit on anything including regular and competition runs or the silo. I’ve done the restart thing and switched WiFi on and off. Really annoying.


    Haha, people are worried about getting the 1000 or 5000 gems pack but I have nothing here. No offer. Nada.


    Just got the 500 gems bundle. Meh, will unlock her by playing.


    Offer accepted!

    2018 March Strongarm offer

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