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  • @knichy -- Thanks! I'll have to try it.
  • @kathy yep played first, second and third were coated, then two more free set were waiting for a knichy 3star!
  • Costed I hate auto correct! Talking ham dunk
  • You must not be the only one if they have an imogie for autocorrect Ma.
  • @kathy that one should have the microphone in hand LOL-the auto correct one
  • Lol @gumby
    *quickly sets out baskets of earplugs, on the bar and the booths, one on the table by the door*
    Whhiiiinnneee Tuesday starts in 30 minutes!! Feel free to start early
    It goes like this
  • And don't forget it's Bluesday !! Looing forward to some good tunes!

    Nighty night all
  • @kathy Wednesday is Blues night LOL
  • Oh yeah @gumby lol , Well it ryhmed Bluesday Tuesday haha.. Night night
  • @kathy sleep well
  • OB a Long Island Iced Tea. Please. Long on alcohol, low on tea...
    I'm wrecked....
    Popped in to my favourite bar after a long day, and found OB polishing glasses, and The Blues whistling Blues songs, waiting for tomorrow, there favourite day of the week
    Rest of bar empty. Not sure whose's this booth is, but I'm climbing in, cuddling up, OB puts a blanket over me, and I'm sending out Zzzzzzzs
    Wake me up in the morning....
  • *tiptoes in so as not to wake the sleeping 'softly snoring bunny'
    OB I'll have what @hunnybunny is having, in one of those nicely polished glasses.
    great tunes @the blues ' who have started whistling a bit softer '
    *poofs* back to HH
  • @gumby you wished more people would come on blues night, weell Invite them!!
    When you post on a walkthrough, or thank someone for a strat or help invite them to the BP, they'll them where to find it, under the community tab on the gold bar above.
    Ive changed my 'activity ' status on my profile where it says 'what's new' hoping more folks would pop in
    @mvnla2 I think you'd enjoy the weather we are having tomorrow, 70° no sea breeze just mild touch of Spring and Sunshine:) I'm sooo happy Spring has Sprung:)
  • @kathy wassup shhhh theres a sleeping bunny over there ----->
  • *poofs* the sleeping bunny home to her comfy bed tucks her in next to Mr. Bunny while sheilding her eyes,, whispers 'sweet dreams' *poofs back to BP;)
  • Now I'm going to whine loudly, I've hit another block in HH 2-7
    WWwwwwwhhhhiiiiinnnnneeeeeeeeee !!
    @gumby you flinging the challenge?
  • @kathy yea flinging the challenge, last I checked I am 2nd highest challenger and 8th place overall on the level
  • Woot !! Nice flinging @gumby!!
  • @thanks but I could use a bit more luck :P
  • @kathy how many of those things do you have LOL. and thanks but not looking likely, I was top challenger for the better part of the day, and have flung countless times to try to get higher to no avail. Im ready to throw in the towel.
  • Never throw in the towel this close to the finish line @gumby, try a different angle!! A bit higher ,a bit lower.. If what your doing isn't working adjust your shot a bit!! Believe me I took lessons from the Master!! If I ever threw the towel , he'd pick it up and whip me with it!!!(not literally)
    Right @Pa ???
  • And think of that poor puppy, with big sad eyes rooting for you from his small cage:(
  • @kathy I have tried a little higher , a little lower, a lot higher, a lot lower. I must have 1000 or more flings today, after I got the score posted. Getting sloppy now, eyes going fuzzy. I am still flinging but don't know for how much longer I can last.
  • :( gumby splash some cold water on your face, stretch your fingers do some eye exercise and get back on that sling, take a 5 minute break;)
  • @Kathy -- Does sound like nice weather in bean-town. Has all the snow melted? Are the golf courses open? We actually got some rain Sat, Sun, and Mon! Can you believe that LA actually salted the clouds to make sure we got every drop possible. Still didn't get as much as they predicted. Today was coolish (57 to 70) and breezy. Golf was great (if you ignore my score, which I always do).
  • @mvnla2 All the snow? we have had barely any snow at all this year. The little snow we had melted quickly. Supposed to be in the 70 degree weather tomorrow :)
  • Yes @mvnla2 Finally Spring:) no more snow on the ground, actually we didn't get that much this year, nothing like last year, whew! The courses are starting to open up slowly, we are expecting rain Thursday but will still be warm ish'
    Amazing you got 3 days of rain in a row, that's awesome, much needed I know!
    Haha happy you enjoyed a good day of golf, regardless of your score, your low ,would probably best my high lol;)
  • @Mvnla2 what do you mean 'salted the clouds '? I've never heard of that?
  • @gumby look in my album ,After you've won your puppy, and you'll see how many I have so far;)
  • @kathy lol I don't think Ill get even close to a puppy but a top 10 score when even comex isn't in top 50. Ill take that
  • Awesome @gumby who's got the top score , the one to beat ?
  • @kathy -- "Salting the clouds" means you send up a plane and spray salt in the clouds to increase the rainfall.
    As for your comment about golf, I think you meant to say that my highest score would beat your lowest score. : D -- But i wouldn't bet on it.
  • Never mind I just looked, never Heard of that flinger ,did they leave a comment or a strat?
    Doesn't seem legit to me, if 2k above vuelva! Sounds like a pu score to me, @karen68? @hunnybunny? Although I know it must be as I know you both as well as @bonneypattycat keep a close eye on those boards. I have been questioning quite a few seasons top scores lately, maybe I'm overly suspicious idk:(
  • Ohh interesting @mvnla2 that's odd how adding salt would increase rainfall hhmm, and nope I meant Your lowest score would beat my highest score I'm not very good, lol I thought you indicated you were unhappy with your score, which I'd probably be thrilled to get;)
  • @Kathy -- I know it's been a long time since you played golf, but in golf, the lowest score wins. So I think you really meant my highest score would beat your lowest score.
    As for salting, from what I understand, the salt particles cause the moisture in the clouds to condense around them turning into rain, rather than just continuing as clouds to go on elsewhere.
  • Ahhh Lol @mvnla2 Haha your right is been a loong time since I played , your right!! Your high would beat my low by a longshot haha!! Ah well at least you had a nice day golfing . I can't wait to get out and enjoy for nice weather doing something:)
  • The salting is interesting, I'll have to look it up I know if a body consumes to much salt it retains water, so I wonder how it makes the clouds release the water..hmmm I know little facts like this interest me for some reason, I'm strange like that. Meh it keeps my mind active lol
  • @kathy they aren't using salt they are using silver iodide. Its called cloud seeding.
  • @kathy they aren't using salt they are using silver iodide. Its called cloud seeding.
  • Thanks @gumby :) how'd ya do #8 ?
  • I'm getting a headache watching these primaries: (
  • @kathy the top scorer on ACB 1-13 did leave a comment about their score, I think it's probably legit.
    Your Presidential election process is so long & different from ours. No wonder you have a headache :)
  • @kathy Im back, comp was frozen. I just looked and looks like I got bumped down to 9th. Still not too bad :)
  • @karen68 I suppose if the top scorer left a comment then it's legit, and I know you keep a close eye on the Seasons board as well as @hunnybunny, everyone gets lucky i suppose at some time, real lucky to beat @vuelva too bad no puppies tonight.
    Ya our elections are loonng and drawn out, I put my headphones in lol so I didn't have to listen:/
  • @karen68 tomorrow night is Blues night here in the BP
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