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  • @Kelani, is this dropped object a contact lens?
  • let me put it another way. Let's assume pain is quantifiable, and can be measured by how loudly the victim screams when exposed to a stimulus.

    We're on Earth. I drop a rock on @fenikus's foot. He screams at 120dB
    We're on the Moon, I drop the same rock on @fenikus' foot. Moon gravity is 16% of Earth's. Does @fenikus scream at 19.2dB, or some other number?

    edit: I KNEW you were gonna say something like that, which is why I had the above ready for you :> booo-yaah, as you say.
  • I assume we're on the Moon landing site. In that case, @fenikus takes one of the American flags and uses the pole to beat you until you scream at minimum of 100db.
  • I don't know the real answer. If mvnla can put it in math terms, I'd be able to calculate it.
  • @fenikus that'd break a half-dozen US laws AND the laws of physics. You swing a pole at me, we're both going airborne :)
  • I don't know what the correct term is for 'energy released during an impact', just wondered if that scale was linear or some order of magnitude thing, like the Richter scale. My non-math common sense says it's linear, because I don't see a 10% increase in gravity giving a marble the impact force of a wrecking ball. :)

    edit: then again, history says my non-math common sense is usually wrong.
  • @Kelani, my area of study was more abstract math than applied math (except for statistics). You know things like: There are an infinite number of both rational and irrational numbers. However, it can be mathematically proven that there are more irrational than rational numbers (meaning there are different levels of infinity). Pretty mind boggling stuff.
  • (whine) I can't find any points:(
  • @fenikus I can imagine. :) Hey, if you know statistics, then I may have an easy question you can answer. Check this post:

    Given there's only 2000 scores, what do you think would be a good value for statistical significance?

  • @Kathy, let me give you an out: The challenge was to *race* to 2.7M, not necessarily for both of us to achieve it. Since one of us got there first, the challenge is over and there is no dishonor in stopping now. For example, @Kelani beat me to 2.6M in BR and I never actually went over the milestone (though I'm only 190 points from it).

    In the meantime, you dropped to #8 in TT and BP Seven is not holding together anymore. Just sayin' ;-)
  • Hmmm *ponders this suggestion * yes your right @fenikus it Was a race and yes won :)
    Team BP cannot lose TT so it is my duty to return there for a bit! !
    Thanks Fen :)
  • Oh yay, I'm last place in the challenge. Hmm.. which do I hate more/ Being in last place, or playing Seasons? Tough call.

    edit: no more last place.
  • @Kelani, read the post and -- surprise! -- I'm again not quite sure what your asking. Is your question whether when a level has 5% or less of PC scores in top 100, you should flag it as PCCL?
  • What's aPPCL? I forget?
  • @all Briefly, we are in Wengen but our baggage isn't. Having horrendous time trying to get it back. . more when news better xoxo
  • @Kelani, okay I think I got it now. You're asking if overall distribution of top 100 scores seems to be 75% iOS, 15% Android, and 10% PC, which percent of increase/decrease in platform distribution on a particular level should trigger it to be flagged, correct?
  • Aww @TomPuss sorry your off to a bad start! It will get better :)
  • @Kelani -- Sorry, I didn't remember the question correctly. The equation you're interested in is:
    E = mgh = (mass x local gravitational constant x height).
    The fact that the Richter scale is logarithmic, has nothing to do with basic physics, it's just more convenient for measuring strength of earthquakes, since their severity varies by so many orders of magnitude.
  • @fenikus Big surprise, indeed :P First of all, the project's changed. Someone told me about an iOS/Android cursed level, so the new term is Platform-Cursed Level :)

    At the bottom of the chart is the platform count for Overall Top 100, and Overall Top 2000. They aren't that similar. So my plan was to use all entered scores on a level to find its platform breakdown, then look at each 100 place tier for unusual clusters. i.e. if 20% of a level's scores are PC, and they're all between 200-300th place, that level may have a problem.

    So yes, I'm wondering what % change would be statistically significant. I read that media polls use 5%, but given the small sample sizes (100 and 2000), 5% seems like it'd give too many false positives.

    edit: Yep! That's what I was asking. Not sure which count to use, the Top 2000, Top 100, or the average of both.
  • @Kathy PCCL was PC-Cursed Level. I thought only PC had the problem. Then karen68 told me about Mine & Dine 17-14 being cursed for iOS/Android. So now I call 'em Platform-Cursed Levels (PCL). :)
  • Oohh @kelani I see. .
    Just got 1000 pts in TT level #20.. big whoop:(
  • @mvnla2 thanks. I think. :) That equation looks to me like the change in impact energy is directly proportional to the change in gravity. I actually have a small force gauge here somewhere. I don't know why I didn't just go outside and drop something on it, then make the object 10% lighter and do it again. lol
  • @Kelani, this is where statistics becomes more of an art than science. Anyway, since there are only 2,286 Space flingers, your Top 2000 sample can safely be considered breakdown of all flingers that are *playing* Space in general. Not sure if using this sample would give you accurate results on episode/level level because the number of flingers declines with each episode.

    Since only 212 flingers entered scores in Beak 2 episode, maybe Top 200 would be a happy medium between Top 100 and Top 2000?

    Anyway, I'm not an expert -- I know theory of statistics but never got into practical applications. I can tell you though that based on mvnla's equation, the answer to your question is that I would scream at 19.2 dB on the moon. You would still scream at 100 db when I start beating you with that flag stick ;-)
  • What a moment to pop in! @kelani are you sure that's @tompuss's chosen underwear lol
  • @hunnybunny NO comment :) whew. glad I caught that quickly.

    @fenikus we'd better cool it. I suspect Mrs. Bunny feels the same about physics/statistics talk as she does about paracetamol and broken electronics. Both of us may soon be screaming at 140dB from aggressive bunny bites.
  • @kelani I used to manage a group of analysts. I quite like that sort of thing. Not sure if the other patrons will feel the same........

    And I don't bite ;-)
  • Oops @kelani

    Off to fling. Two more goals in TT, them I'm out, forever!
  • Luck++ By the time I'm able to catch up with y'all, Speaking of TT/HH will be forbidden in here.
  • @kelani *hint hint* when you'edit a post you remove the wrong word and insert New correct
    That's what the 'Edit' button is for; )
  • @Kathy Normally I would, but she's had a rough day. If laughing at my typo makes it slightly better, I can live with a little humiliation :)
  • @Kelani, I think I lost you on that statistical analysis. You are now saying that you will make a table like in the post you sent me to for *each* episode, correct? Comparing overall *episode* (not *game*) breakdown to individual level breakdown does sound better. I'm confused though as to why you asked whether you should compare level breakdowns to overall game Top 100 or Top 2,000 breakdowns.
  • @Kelani -- What you should do to answer your statistics question is google "statistical significance" and t-test.
  • Me head hurt. I shouldn't look in here before coffee. Linear...exponential...the application of Newton's 3rd law as it applies to @Kelani's head on the moon...NEED COFFEE.
  • I agree @Pa I took a nap iinstead lol..
    Interesting @(yaawwnn) pardon me @kelani ;)good luck
  • @Kelani, how easy is it to gather data for individual levels? Does it take 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes?
  • @fenikus About 2-3 minutes for every 1,000 scores.
    edit: although i could write a macro and get it down to 20-30 seconds

    @Rat how d'ya think my head feels? I've been reading this crap all day :P
  • Ackkk!! Spider !!! *breaaathhr* he was on the wall crawling very quickly. .was a fast succer , thinking quickly gravbbed atissue bravely tried to squish the fast moving beast.. but alas only succeeded in knocking him off the wall into a pile *never to be moved again* of papers old pocketbook and gift bags ..oohhh will i sleep:(
  • @Kelani…is the objective of your project to develop a system (probably a computer program) that will proactively scan through data for all the levels and flag the possible PCLs…or do you want to simply have a way to quickly ascertain whether a level somebody reported should be looked into or not?

    Sorry for all the questions…did I tell you that even though I started as a programmer I progressed into a systems analyst? They ask a LOT of questions.
  • @fenikus No problem, man. I really want to avoid looking like an idiot, so I appreciate any help, especially if it cuts into flinging time. :) You didn't tell me you were a systems analyst, but it does explain a few things! :P

    Anyway, I'm doing the 'quickly ascertain' method. On some levels, (Short Fuse 27-4), the curse is obvious. This is to catch the subtle ones, and weed out the uncursed ones. Now, if I had full access to the server... I'd write a php script to scan every level, and post stats on the walkthrough page, but alas, I don't. :)
  • @Kelani, if you're doing the "quickly ascertain" method, isn't this statistical analysis you're pondering a bit of an overkill? Couldn't you simply "eyeball" the tiered data for any obvious discrepancies? It would actually serve you better on those Space levels that have only a 500 point span between 1st and, say, 200th place. For example, all the PC players could be ranked 180 to 200 but you can't really say that it's a PCCL. Or maybe you could say that, idk.
  • Also, couldn't you ask BirdLeader to create a custom SQL View for your project and export the data for you? If you had that, then we could talk about the "scanning" approach.
  • @rat & @kathy -- Sorry for contributing to your headache. I gotta admit this is getting pretty uninteresting. @kelani @fenikus -- Maybe a PM discussion would be a good idea? Please don't include me. : D
  • Wow @Kelani, we've reached the new heights! -- we managed to bore to death even @mvnla2…there should be a badge for that ;-)
  • @fenikus analysis like that t-test or a one-way ANOVA is definitely overkill, and I don't have the skills anyway. But to eyeball it and catch the subtle levels, don't I still need to know (roughly) what % deviation constitutes significant? If we pretend the PC Space table is for a level. All I can deduce from that is: The level may be Android/PC cursed, or iOS players are just better than everyone else :P
  • @mvnla2 aw, are you sure you don't want to moderate another group PM? :D I could invite your favorite participant from our last one if it makes you feel better. ;)

    @fenikus Hi BL, New guy here. Can I borrow you for an hour to help me with a project that will probably bog down the server and make quite a few users annoyed with Rovio? I'll get right on that! :D
  • @fenikus Carnival Upheaval Papaya Trophy challenge today.

    edit: nevermind you're 11th place. Only 3k above you.
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