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  • @kekani yes @surfcow certainly did post creative and hilarious strats lol!!
    I'm very happy to see he's back; )
  • Darn it Princess !!
  • @kathy thanks You fling quite well yourself lol
    @kelani it always starts off well on some news thread, then the ******* comes in, and you lose the will to read any more :-(
  • Hello Princess Page Changer. I haven't finished with BI either. But I've been flinging so little for the last month, I understand why it looks like I've stopped.

    Thanks for the R&R warning on HAMerica @HunnyBunny. Are you turning into a Space Cadet?
  • Hunnybunny looks a little sheepish, and shows a Space Cadet badge to Mister Rat.......
  • Well, Welcome to the "Looney Bin" Mrs. Bunny. Oops! I meant "Lunar Bunch".
  • @kelani @rat @kathy goodnight all
    HWDNF doesn't Work on Fridays, so it's off to bed, to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow!
  • nighty @hunnybunny

    Kel wonders how a little cottontail becomes bushy? :P
  • @Kelani watch the lanquage .. and You certainly didn't mean @surfcow comments right! !
    His comments are always helpful and comical! !
  • @Kathy I didn't say anything bad. And no, I was talking about the article HB posted.
  • Ohh I didn't read that article lol @kelani isaw Justin beeber name and didn't bother:/
    Hey did you end up getting the one-birder in B2 #29 ?
    I'm trying your way of flinging at the left bottom corner of the pigge in the glass.?
  • @Kathy I almost didn't when I saw 'probation'. but all the witty egg-related puns in the comments at bottom were worth it.

    Ugh #29.. If #30 drove you nuts, this one will put you in a padded room.. No 1b for me. Only one person has claimed that honor, and frankly, until someone else gets one, I just don't buy it. Also, something's off about the screenshot. Hopefully I'm wrong. I'd love to get a 1b on that level.

    Anyway, I don't think any of the posted or unposted strategies have any advantage over another. Every one I've tried, I get the same score ranges, and maybe once every half-hour, one will give me a score over 100k. Those extra points come from less debris flying into space, and the white rocket's base being destroyed.
  • Thanks @kelani :/ might as well get the straight jacket ready:/
  • @Dutchies does Geen Simkaart mean No SIM card?
  • There's No Way that 106000 Even score ,no way!! Has anyone looked into this score @Sweetp we need you:)
  • @Kathy Don't stress over it. You can fling at a dozen different spots and get a good score. Just pick one that's most fun for you. :) I actually enjoy trying different strategies on that level, despite all the failures.

    edit: @Kathy He posted a screenshot, and Slim accepted it. Not much SweetP can do there, I don't think. I just think something looks off about it, but can't put my finger on it. I mean other than the obvious thing. Space isn't fullscreen. You can see the icons and battery life % at the top of the screen. Mine doesn't do that, but I don't know enough about ipads to say whether that's weird or not.
  • Your right @kelani I got mad and improved lol..I'm now #36 instead of #89 :)used your strat and came very close to one-birda but that piggie on the top right planet/moon just won't budge!!
  • Cancel @sweetp he's provided a screenshot and an explanation :/ I guess it's possible.
  • @Kathy two variants of my shot got me closer to a 1b than anything else.

    First one is @fenikus idea, I think. Hit the planet and the ice box at roughly the same time. The second one is hitting the ice box's bottom left corner (relative to the screen). Red punts it into the next pig and continues around. From there, he can knock loose the pile of stones on the East side, and the resulting explosions can kill the top right pig. Another way, red may kill the top right pig and knock down the bridge, but I've never gotten it to happen.
  • Actually I missed his description?
  • @Kathy if someone can explain to me why his screenshot looks like he's playing AB non-fullscreen on an iphone, then I'll buy it. I've never seen that before.

    edit @Kathy @fenikus posted his guess on how Dennis did it, and Dennis replied saying that's what he did.

    fenikus described the first alternate shot I posted above. into ice box and planet at same time.
  • lol, I just missed a 1b. One pig left. Would have gotten 108,100 and the white base of the rocket is mostly intact. Guess I was wrong about that bit.

    edit: I just had the iceteroid in the center of the planet spontaneously explode right after I flung Red. There went another 1-birder. lol.
  • Thanks @kelani I'll try @fenikus tips ;)
    Ya I thought the screenshot looked odd but i don't have an iphone so i wouldn't know. Plus why are all the birds still on the he took it way after being asked instead of when he got it ya that's understandable i guess. But the even score kinda makes me wonder. .maybe he used pu ? But he says he hate cheating idk.. he also said 'discription is right' I see no description maybe young pu's not considered cheating in his mind, maybe language barrier who knows ?
    I know the 1 birda is there and it seems to be his only top score, a lucky fluke perhaps your right I'm not gonna dwell on it lol..
    Nice almost! !
  • In the meantime I'm gonna work on something else lol.
    OB a Harvey Pigbanger please;)
  • @Kathy His current score is 0, so he took it later when Slim explained how to do a screenshot. I just wanna know why Space has those huge black borders. iphone screen is small enough as it is at full screen.
  • Ohh I see @kelani about the screenshot ..I don't have iphone so idk what's it supposed to look like?
  • @bernersenn -- Take care of yourself as well as your father. I know you take care of him very well. Sounds like you need to give yourself a little (big?) treat; you deserve it.
    @Kelani @Rat -- I would assume Rat would want his relative to find his treasures???
    @SweetP -- I hear you! I'm sure it's much hotter where you are than here, but the heat was too much for me Tues., quit after 14, and did miserably after 9.
    @mumsie -- CA has a lot of different climates. SweetP and I live in Southern CA, which can get quite hot in the summer. If you go a bit north along the coast, you get to Santa Barbara, with the marvelous Sandpiper Golf Course right on the ocean. It's rare that it's too hot there. If you continue up the coast, the weather is generally good, and there are a lot of great golf courses. Inland? Forget it.
  • @all -- I seem to be the only one in the BP playing the latest AB SW II episode?? You have to pick the birds/pigs you want to use from you supply of characters. The choice of characters is something lots of people have been requesting for a long time, but not sure they meant characters from the store they've built up or are willing to pay for. Despite the fact that I've been very diligently collecting characters from Carbonite melts (getting as many as 4 a day), I'm in danger of running out of characters that you need for 3*.
  • @mvnla2 @Rat could leave clues for relatives in his will. :) All the stuff in the SW2 update looks neat. When it comes out on PC, I'm gonna check it out.

    @Kathy The screenshot should look the same as everyone else who's posted one. On ipad, Space is full screen. You don't see black borders, a 'no sim card' notice, wifi signal, or battery remaining %. Unless iphone's different and displays that stuff on top of the game, that screenshot can't be the actual screen he'd get a screenshot from, because that stuff wouldn't be there.
  • @Mvnla2 My brothers and sister don't need the money (not really). And since I have no children that I'm aware of, Mrs. Rat and I have our will set up to give a college stipend to any of our relatives that meet certain requirements. But stuff like the treasure, I don't want to be found immediately. If it's not found for hundreds of years, all the better. I might put my iPad in there too so they will still be talking about the "King of Space" long after I'm gone. Ha ha ha ha ha
  • @mvnla2 so do you like it? I haven't even set bird in SW 2 because i thought you need character swaps in order to play. .like you have to buy them ? Even so if the game gives them don't the people who purcase then and have the telepod thingie have the advantage? (I still don't get that lol..old age i guess ?
  • I just want the 'king of space secrets' hee hee
  • @mvnla2 lol I've been testing S-15 all week and complaining in here about how it doesn't work anymore! :P and @Kathy That's not really a unstable or self-destructing level. It's a glitch. :) All the info @excelrox needs is on the walkthrough page. I hope he gets it to work on iOS, cos PC is definitely out of the running :(
  • @Rat I'm cute and clean and perfectly adoptable, ya know. ;D My mom'll get over it.
  • I Just got a One-birdie on 8-22 :( the AngryBirdsGoddess hates me :( 106k
    OB please a PigKiller and a shot of Quervo (spelling)? Tequila
  • @Kathy 106k 1b? You were supposed to do that on #29, silly! :D
  • @kelani be expecting a friend request lol.. seems like a kid but i can't be sure. .
  • @Namco (that a new one) @Malibu jeez idk why my keyboard has a problem with your name @kelani !! Ya I know right. .. this have score system is messed up!!
  • I gotta be careful typing. .@mumsie is threatening me! ! Ya she looks all sweet and innocent napping in her rocker with her knitting. .but watch your back!!
    And to think i had OB order her a new giant Flatscreen!! Hrmpphh
  • @Kathy Yay @Namco Now I'm Pac-Man! If it's easier for ya, just type @K or @Kel. I read all the posts anyways. :)
  • Lol thanks @Kel ;) sorry bout that:( is not me I swear..I could delete but sometimes I'm amazed at what Autocorrect comes up with lol..
  • @Kelani, re: Dennis' screenshot for 8-29: according to his profile, he is using iPhone for play and in his post he specifically said the screenshot is from his iPad. There is a way to mirror iPhone screen to iPad, which could explain why the screenshot looks odd.
  • Uhmm Pac-man = namco ? I don't get it? I played pac man but i didn't know there names. .
  • Thanks @fenikus ..I'm assuming he meant by 'discription'he was meant that he followed the str at given ? He didn't really say.
  • @Kathy it's no problem. I love what your autocorrect comes up with. :) Don't waste time deleting it. If it has a K and is nobody else in here, I'll figure it out. Oh, Namco was the Japanese company that made Pac Man.

    @fenikus Thanks. I overlooked the ipad part. It would be nice if someone who knows how to mirror could confirm it. Just seems weird to me that you'd get that overlay on a screenshot. iPhone makes slightly more sense than iPad.
  • What's 'mirror' mean? Like taking a picture of the screen?
    I thought maybe he used another device to take picture. Idk
    No matter. .
  • @Kathy, just FYI you can easily teach your phone to learn the word "Kelani".
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