Angry Birds Trilogy Glitches and Problems
  • I recently bought Angry Birds Trilogy on the 3ds and I have found a few nasty surprises
    I have found GE's 14-23 (In Easter Eggs) but cannot find 24 as in real mobile game you would find it on level 16, which is not in this game.
    I have completed Mooncake Festival 3 stars and collected all 8 pieces of moonkcake but only Golden Mooncake has been unlocked. At first I thought that it was because I had not collected all 8 pieces of mooncake which would therefore open the big mooncake rather than 3 starring all levels opening up the level (which was the bug on the real Angry Birds Seasons). However I have triple checked that I have 3 starred ALL levels and collected ALL 8 pieces of Moonkcake but still the level will not open.
    Does anyone have the same problem?
    Is anyone else have any other problems
  • I think you have something mixed up here. Your numbering does not make sense.

    ABS GE 24 is the Golden Mooncake in Moon Festival.
    I think you mean ABS GE 19 in Easter Eggs 16. Since the level is not available, neither is the GE.
  • In Angry Birds Trilogy, Easter Eggs, on the 3ds, and probably on x-box and ps3, there are 10 golden eggs (other than the big easter egg achieved by 3 starring all levels) and I have found the other 9 through the same levels and in the same place as in the walkthroughs, but, unless you have to click the eggs (by the way I think I unlocked a golden egg by clicking on the pigs or eggs at the bottom of the pause or level won screen) anyway, basically i have narrowed it down to 6 possible levels but i cannot find, if anyone has any details then please help... Also the numbering is random for seasons eggs, as the crossover from Go Green Get Lucky to Easter eggs either misses out 5 eggs or the eggs from summer pignic and mooncake festival are, said eggs. The number of the pot o gold is 8 and the big easter egg is 14, which is why my missing egg from the twitter level 16 is numbered 24.
  • So if you are missing the egg in Easter Eggs Level 16, this is likely just unattainable since the level does not exist.
  • That is what I thought until I realized that rovio wouldn't leave a big mistake in one of their games like that, so if you get any news about where the last Golden Egg is then HELP!!!!! there is a blank space on an otherwise perfect "Easter Eggs" profile... :(
  • It's just like for Mac/PC. They don't have these levels either.
  • Hi all, I'm struggling to find one golden egg in classic (number 15) and three golden eggs in seasons (numbers 11, 15 and 22). some of the golden eggs don't match up to where there are in the walkthroughs (because they are in different places on the x-box)
    Can anyone suggest any ideas?
  • @liverpoolfan4ever try to get all feathers on that episode. I'm trying it, but i don't finished it yet
  • On 3ds, you can receive gifts in the section 'streetpass' when you launch one of the birds. These gifts are the extra levels of different episodes. Each bird has 3 levels to unlock. E.g. the black bird has the Easter Eggs 1-16 level with the golden egg. Unfortunately, if you connect with someone else on Streetpass, both need a gamecard of AB Trilogy...
  • In Classic and Rio there are eggs hidden on the level select screens. In Classic, shoot the mustached pig with the construction helmet on bottom right of the screen. In Rio, shoot the marmoset hanging on the top right corner.
  • @blacksheep the Rio golden egg (that you said) is acessible via the golden fruit page. On there, press R

    I also found that the 'sun' golden egg is obtainable by shoot a bird trough the center of the game select on the main menu
  • Hello and greetings from Finland! I have this one problem, i cant find these two missing golden eggs and i have been looking them for eternity already. They are in trilogy seasons and their numbers are #18 & #19. Can someone please help and tell me, from where can i find these? Thanks for your answers!
  • i can't do 100% mighty eagle in trilogy classic poatched eggs 2-15 for ps3. can you help me, please?
  • I know how to fix this: get an X-Box 360, like me. Heh, heh...
    But anyway, it's probably more than a bug than anything, contact Rovio, they can fix it. In the 360 and 3Ds version, it works great; and I'm guessing the Wii and WiiU works fine, too.
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