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  • If you uninstalled the game, you may be in trouble since all data would likely be erased.

    If your game progress is still there, try restarting the device and/or logging out-and-in to GameCenter manually. Any other details you can provide could help as well.
  • I uninstalled the game purposely to lose data, but I have no achievements unlocked in Game Center anyway. I finished a couple of worlds and it still doesn't unlock the appropriate achievements in GC. I've tried restarting my iPhone, logging in and out of GameCenter, etc.

    Nothing seems to be working.
  • When you open AB, does a banner appear saying "Welcome, ____"? Also, do your Leaderboards show any scores?
  • I have the same problem. Purchased the game today after upgrading to ios5. I already accepted the new EULA in game center ( I did this before upgrading to ios5). I get the welcome banner and the leaderboards does show my scores. I also rebooted my ipad, logged out in the gamecenter etc. When i start AB while signed out, i see that the achievements do unlock for crystal but they are not appearing when i sign into gamecenter.
  • Seems like contacting both Rovio and Apple may be a good idea.
  • Well I posted about upgrading to ios5 and losing all of my achievements but the discussion was closed before I could respond. It had nothing to do with new terms of agreement, game center doesn't recognize me at all. Game center doesn't recognize any of my log in info and when I reference my user name it tells me there is already a player registered under that name. Duh! It's me!! So I cannot access game center at all. Anyone else having this issue? Glad that at least my scores, stars and feathers are in tact.
  • I think BirdLeader may have closed that by mistake. Nonetheless, are you sure the AppleID and password are correct? You may also want to contact Apple, since GC is their software.
  • Yeah, password & user name correct. It's like somehow I'm locked out and there's no way to get in. I just wanted to see if this was a more common issue rather than just a glitch for me. No worries. I'm definitely contacting Apple. Cheers
  • From @AngryBirds: “Yup, seems like not at our end. We are working to get this fixed!”
  • Thanks for the info!! I've set an email to the rovio spupport but i hadn't heard anything.
  • Awesome, thanks. I was afraid I was the only one experiencing this issue. Thanks for updating us!
  • Fanstastic :) Appreciate that info. I contacted Apple but they weren't really any help.
  • I'm having a similar issue, but with *all* achievements -- Game Center and Crystal both (using the original Angry Birds game, not HD or Seasons). Previous to the update to iOS 5, I wasn't on Game Center -- just Crystal. After updating to iOS5, I signed up for Game Center. Since then I haven't been able to register any achievements at all. New achievements aren't registering in Crystal or Game Center, and old achievements haven't ported to Game Center.

    High scores are updating fine in both systems. All my progress was saved just fine, too.

    If this is the same problem and will also be fixed with the patch, great! I'm just hoping it's retroactive and the couple achievements I've earned aren't gone forever. I'm afraid to play much more until I find out its fixed.

    Any thoughts/tips?
  • I think we are best off assuming that this API issue applies to all Angry Birds apps (though Seasons should be working fine, since we have received an update post-iOS 5). I'm not as familiar with Crystal, so perhaps that's related as well, but I'm not really sure.
  • @smercer
    I honestly have no idea how to fix this - have you tried leaving restarting Gamecentre, the app and your phone, and then leaving it on for a while? I once received roughly 30 achievements all in one go by doing this. They all of a sudden came one after the other. Apart from this, I can't think of anything else to do, apart from maybe completing the achievement requirements again, (ie, doing the last level of a level pack, flinging another ten birds backwards, (for "Backwards Compatibility") etc).
  • I had previously tried signing out of Game Center, force-quitting both Angry Bids and Game Center, restarting the phone, signing into Angry Birds only, and re-completing the last level of the world (to get the world achievement). No dice.

    So just now I tried backing up, restoring from the pre-OS5 update backup (which left OS5 on my phone but set my Angry Birds game progress back to where it was pre-update), signing out of Game Center, force-quitting both Angry Bids and Game Center, restarting the phone, signing into Angry Birds only, and completing one additional achievement (had to complete about six levels in the world to complete the world). That gained me my achievement in Crystal. So I guess I can play from here, get back up to where I was in achievements, and then restore my phone from the most recent backup (to get back all my other data like SMS messages).

    Not optimal, but certainly not worst case. I'll take it. I'll assume the Game Center achievements will sync from Crystal after the next update.
  • Any ideas on whether the achievements I've already earned will "catch up" once the game is patched? Or should I just hold off, just to be safe?
  • Update: After last night's restoring adventure where I proved I could achieve things on Crystal again, I put my "regular" backup image back on my phone (that is, the one I was using when all this started, that had several non-credited achievements). Out of curiosity I dd another cycle of signing out of Game Center, force-quitting both Angry Bids and Game Center, restarting the phone, and signing into Angry Birds/Crystal only. About 60 seconds later the remaining achievements popped up.

    So thanks, @dGhost -- something in there unclogged the tubes in the internet and everything is working again. Didn't even have to re-three-star that world and a half. :)
  • @darkamdusias All the information for achievements is stored in your settings.lua files. Each time the game connects to GameCenter, this file is run through the gauntlet of "if" clauses until it finds matches.

    You can play as you wish. Once an update arrives and adjusts for the new API, you achievements should trigger.
  • I appreciate the help. Thank you so much, @AMslimfordy.
  • @smercer
    No problems, just trying to help :)
  • Sounds like your lua files are toasted. If you want, I can help you with your settings file. This may solve most of your problems. If you want, send an email to AMslimfordy at AngryBirdsNest dot com. (written properly, of course). And we can give it a shot.
  • thanks AM, I will
  • Hi guys, I recently got a new iPhone 4 and the achievements for angry birds are not unlocking for game center and crystal, although when i sign out of game center and load up AB i can get the achievements through crystal. I also have the same problem with Fragger, but can find no info on the internet about it. I have loads of other games that seem to work fine, achievements and all, including Angry Birds Seasons. Will it be a case of just waiting it out for a patch for both games or is there an imediate solution.

    Thanks, Alex
  • ok cheers mate, will it be the same thing with fragger? Waiting for an update?
  • I have no idea, unfortunately. Could be.
  • I have the same problem with Angry Birds HD. I feel a little bit better knowing that this is a known problem, but if the problem was identified in mid-October, it's a little disconcerting that it's still not fixed.

    AMslimfordy - any word from Rovio on when the update(s) will be released?

    I've gone ahead and kept playing even though achievements aren't registering. I really hope that when the update(s) are released everything registers, because I'd rather not start from scratch.
  • Since there hasn't been a level update, that's why the "error" still exists. And no, we have no inside knowledge about future updates.
  • Hi all,

    just got a 4S (first i...) on the release date and not long after bought angry birds (first time also!) It's up to date with iOS and angry birds.

    I didn't use game center when I started angry birds, but I turned it on some time. None of my achievements have ever shown on Game Center, but my score is. Also, I've done the Space Invader properly but it's not registering in AB. Achievements seem to be showing in Crystal (but I still can't get new achievements).

    I've tried killing AB, logging out of game center, running AB not connected to game center, re-doing achievements, and any other suggestion I've found, but nothing is working.

    Is this the issue everyone else is seeing? Any other advice? thanks :)
  • i have the same problem with my new 4S, @thinkOfaNumber - i'm still waiting for the next update that probably will restore the Game Center "glitch".
  • thanks, I read that, but it's from October and I couldn't remember if there was an AB update since then, and there aren't many complaints recently either... so I guess I just have to wait longer!
  • The problem has been solved in ABoFree with today's update. 3 remaining...
  • 3 remaining... would that be AB, ABSF and ABRF?
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