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  • Congratulation @amslimfordy

    The best wishes for future for you and your bride!
  • Heartwarming news! Congratulations to @AMslimfordy and his sparkling new fiance, the woman we have to thank for introducing him to the world of angry birds and bad piggies!!
  • Congratulations @Amslimfordy and soon (how soon?) To be Mrs. Amslimfordy :)
    May you have 4ever to be best friends and enjoy this cruise through life happy and healthy cheers *clink*
  • Congratulations @AMSlimfordy and may both of you have a very bright future :)
  • Congrats and warmest wishes @AMSlimfordy!
  • I'm late to the party, but congratulations @AMSlimfordy!
  • I just saw the AB/Rovio post on facebook – Congratulations and Best Wishes to you @AMslimfordy and your fiancé. May all your hopes and dreams come true.
  • @AMslimfordy Congratulations on your engagement. May your future be a bright and happy one. :)
  • Great news @amslimfordy, have an awesome day!
  • congratulations @slim!!
  • Congrats @AMSlimfordy and Mrs @AMSlimfordy!
    I wish you all the best!
  • Hey @AMSlimfordy, congrats on getting engaged. I thought it was neat Rovio gave you a shout-out. There are many AB players out there, yet it still often feels like a small community, which is fun.
  • Congrats @AMSlimfordy and the best wishes!
  • Congrats @AMSlimfordy. Wishing you both all the best!
  • Congratulations @AMSlimfordy. Awesome shout out from Rovio. That was the best. May you have many happy birddays together.
  • Big bird condorgratulations.
  • Congratulations! Maybe you will find a new Angry Birds Master in her! :-)
  • I should look around ABN a bit more so I wouldn't miss such a happy announcement!

    Congratulations Slim, she chose well!
  • I'm a little late to the party but Congrats! cheers!!!!! :D
    Hey if you need a REAL cake for the Wedding Mary Sunshine's Tummy Yummies would be more then happy to make it!! ;D
  • Belated Congrats on the engagement @AMSlimfordy
  • It seems that once again I find myself behind the curve on these matters, but nevertheless, a huge, hearty congrats to @AMSlimfordy and the soon-to-be Mrs!
  • Thanks again everyone. Finally gonna take a bit of a break from this update to recharge the batteries.
  • I too am late to the party, but I just have to include my good wishes to both Slim and his fiancée for a happy life together.
  • Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for you and your fiancee, from another local in the Boston area. You've both worked hard at your relationship, and learned that communication is the key to success, so I am very hopeful that you will have a long and happy marriage.

    And, if you'll pardon the liberty, here is my litany of advice from someone who's been married for 23 years, and unfortunately had to learn all this the hard way. But it's all worth it!

    - All wedding are joyful. Getting ready for a wedding is one of the most stressful things you'll ever go through in your life -- or rather, that your fiancee will go through. Trying to please all the expectations of family in particular, while still celebrating your marriage in a way that has real meaning to yourselves can be very difficult. Unless you're really smart, like my baby sister was, and you essentially just elope. But no matter what, treasure your wedding day, and try to pay attention to every moment, because events will whip along at a frantic pace, and it will all be over before you know it. Those memories are precious, and you'll carry the joy of that celebration with you for a lifetime.

    - Try to keep a sense of humor, always. Keep practicing at not taking yourself too seriously, and learn to laugh at yourselves when you get into an argument -- in the end, what matters most is that you are a partnership. Never be afraid of acknowledging your own faults, don't waste time defending your actions, and let the past go. All that counts is right now. Practice empathy -- it makes all the difference when you think about each other's point of view, validate that you're each entitled to a different perspective, and learn to find solutions to problems that are compromises that will work for both of you. And learn to compromise, of course -- marriage is not a zero sum game; when one of you wins, you both lose.

    - Cultivate an appreciation of your differences, learn to really appreciate and respect them.

    - Never take each other for granted. You can't possibly show your love and affection and respect for each other often enough, especially in front of other people. I'm not talking about over-the-top PDAs, but don't be afraid of holding hands, always waiting for each other and walking side by side, being thoughtful and courteous, anticipating each other's needs, voicing compliments and praise. It's all these little things over your years together that let each other know how much you love and cherish each other, how lucky you feel to have found each other.

    - Save your disagreements for when you are in private; never show disrespect for each other in front of others, in words, or actions, or tone of voice. That way lays The Dark Side. Be open with each other with what you need, and how you feel, but remember that you both want to make each other happy, and it will take constant work to navigate the challenges of building a happy and meaningful life together while working through the difficulties that everyone encounters.

    - Don't give up. Keep making the effort. If you love each other, even when times get tough, it's time to reevaluate your own thoughts and actions, retrench, and find new solutions. Don't hesitate to seek advice and guidance; we're none of us professionals at this, and sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us get over bad habits.

    There -- now you've been the hapless beneficiary of one of my trademark lengthy unsolicited posts. I hope you find some of it helpful, and offer my sincere and best wishes that your path together through life is made rich and fulfilling by your love for each other.

    - Laura (aka Mrs. Christopher Chalifoux, and proud of it!)
  • @AMSlimfordy, congratulations on your engagement! Looks like you found that true love while soaring in the clouds. May you both enjoy the rest of your lives in marriage bliss!
  • Mr.and Mrs @AMSlimfordy, Congratulations!
  • not been about a whole lot and just been posting scores recently, so I missed this.


    Congrats @AMslimfordy! Hope things work out well for you and your lucky lady on this voyage to something new :D Amazing that Rovio made that poster for you.
  • Congrats @AMslimfordy!
    Marriage is awesome. I'm coming up on 20 years with Mrs. reactive1.
  • Congratulations @AMslimfordy !!!
  • @amslimfordy
    Zuckenburg posted a image of he and his wife walk down the street holding hands,captioned "married to xxx" right after the event.I reckon that's a good example.
  • @amslimfordy I don't know how I missed this! A hearty congratulations on your successful engagement! I wish you both a very happy life!
  • @amslimfordy - Slim - good for you! I'm happy for you and wish you and the to-be Mrs. Slim all the best life has to offer!

    If I can find you online we'll have to play some poker and catch up!
  • @AMslimfordy Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations to you and Mrs. Fordy!!! Two ♥birds :D Sorry wished late... I wasn't present here for more than 1month maybe... Though many mentioned " where's party???"
  • Congrats!!!! :)
  • Little slow here in the land of ahhhs, I guess...But better late than never, course also better never late! All that but...@AMSlimfordy, congratulations big time there big guy! Wish you and your intended all the health, wealth and happiness you so richly deserve! When is the gib day to be?
  • gib day? what does that mean twylatime...good grief. Where is spellchecker when you relly need it....BIG day! LOL
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