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  • No more questions m'lud.
  • Oooops, sorry.
  • Not themed just likee tune. Unless a ghost or acid is the perfect anniversary gift. What a load of consumerist bollocks that is by the way.

    So what's next?
  • Two scary videos in a row. Why not go the whole hog and stick Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin on. That will cheer us all up.
    I think OB might have removed that one from the jukebox.
  • Probably best you don't watch that one.
    Which means of course, you will.
  • Her make up got washed off
    She walked down the ladder, and put her foot in the bucket?

    Interested to know Dan and Brian’s birth dates, Dan is def 1960, as I am. I’m May.
    All three Brian mentioned are definitely 1972, so probably much the same
  • Watched Dr Who earlier; you could tell the Edwardian street was in Cardiff from the 20mph signs
  • Thank goodness Dr Who delivered. RTD to the rescue.

  • January 5th @hunnybunny, in case you want to send a card.

    Only 5 days away from being in my 8th different decade.

    I've often wondered what, in hindsight, would have been the optimal year of birth. In terms of the way it panned out with respect to things like the rise of youth culture, timing of recessions, house price inflation, pensions, technology and so on.

    No later than 1960, I think. But no earlier than 1945. Maybe early 1950s to misss rationing and then the 1960s as a teenager. Get on the property market before huge inflation in late 1970s. Get a generous pension (by today's standards). Dunno.
  • Ask the Bunnyman.
  • I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news.
    Sadly our beloved Kathy passed away on Wednesday
  • Sad news indeed @ixan57
  • Don't think there was a kinder member of the Nest.
  • I'm devastated.
    Literally in tears.
    She was so kind to me and Twiggy when we turned up unannounced in the BP.
    She is everywhere in this nest.
    She has left something of herself in every thread we are likely to likely to read.
    It's going to be so hard without her.
    Her last words to us all were Good Night Birdies (with a heart),
    Good Night Princess Birdie.
  • Well said @DesperateDan very touching words and least with your own personal loss this year. God bless you all.
  • So sad, we had the wickedest girly chats, ever
    Goodnight, Princess, I will never wear your crown again x
  • Kathy was my first real birdie friend here in the Nest. She was always friendly & welcoming to everyone.
    She was the heart of the Nest & I will miss her so.
  • Kathy was the heart of the BP and stayed with us, welcoming everyone, to the end (not to mention how active and helpful she always was on the walkthroughs!). She will be sorely missed and warmly remembered. RIP Princess.
  • Kathy was my first birdie friend, too! She was always so sweet and funny, and a friend to everyone in the Nest.

    Soar high into the heavens, dear friend. I will miss you Princess!
  • Hi Everyone, I will miss Kathy. We had many wonderful and entertaining conversations over the last 12 years. She was always so nurturing and positive — helping tens of thousands of flingers along the way.

    One thing that has always amazed me is how a little bird-flinging game and fan site can bring so many people from all over the world together. It was definitely not planned, but a miracle nonetheless. Thanks to all of you for the family you have created.

    Rest in peace, Kathy.
  • Thanks, @BirdLeader for bringing us all together
  • Yes, thank you @Birdleader for creating "The Nest." A virtual gathering place that's comforting and fun like home.
  • In Memory of Kathy, I have to play this song, there was such a fight, many hundreds of pages ago, as to the best version
    Kathy was right
  • And let’s getting flinging again, talking, being friends
    That is what Kathy would want
    Miss you, Princess
  • Well said everyone and I'm sure you don't get enough credit for what you set in motion @birdleader , the BP won't be quite the same without Kathy but I agree with @hunnybunny we ought to keep it going as best we can.I think I'll miss her sense of humour most of all.She could be so funny and sometimes unintentionally.

    I remember once she chided me for choosing a boring song(probably by The Fall)and yet in the same post banally announced 'That's Dave back with the washing'
    I made a comment about stealing underwear from washing lines ,Dan played Arnold Layne by The Floyd .That was that, we ran with it for weeks.

    Anyway I don't think she'd want us to be maudlin .I'm sure she's missed by all who knew her.

  • Ok, well I'll try.

    Overtook @asher in Bad Piggies. Only 438k behind him overall. Pleased with that. But it's like tumbleweed in large parts of ABO. Said so as much to Kathy once and she thought I was calling her a tumbleweed. The tourists all rush in for the day when there's a Challenge on and next day it all goes quite. Today's Challenge in Birdday 5 is proving very tough.
  • Saw five red squirrels yesterday. One was nibbling a nut in the Dingle. You don't say that every day.
  • Nibbling Nuts in the Dingle, wasn't that a Half Man, Half Biscuit B side?
  • Think things may be back to inane normality...
  • Another thing about Kathy was her broad musical taste. I'm sure she'd have appreciated this one.
  • I just picture Kathy and Rat (a/k/a Ma and Pa) together again working on strats for high scores, especially in Space. ;-)
  • Well Granzilla has landed-hence the cold snap.The room temperature decreases by 2degrees every time she crosses her legs...wish I had a mancave...
  • Hey @desperatedan now you have a hollydog you'll be giving the challenge a miss for a month?Think I'll just play it by ear,if I fancy a level I'll have a go.

    Not think it's time for a change in the rules @sweetp ?Most flingers have a hollydog by now but if regular puppies were awarded more might play the challenge?Think I missed out on three last Dec.

    Seasons update!Grafting through my nemesis episode Ham Dunk(it's taken over the previous nemesis episode).So many levels-so many bloody basketballs!None of them want cooperate I'm sure they're sentient.
  • Mr B has a wonderful Man Cave, warm, cosy, TV, big screen, computer for playing chess, he can even sleep in there!
    Worth every penny I spent on it…
  • Jealous of your squirrel nut nibblers, Dan
  • Does have a granny flat atached Bunny?
  • Sorry about spelling and missing words,the Kathyboard seems to have made it's appearance.
  • @briann, I did not make up the rules about the Holly Dog. I'll have to confer with my team of challenge vetters and see what we can come up with.
  • Sweet tumbleweed.
  • Chasing asher in Birdday Party now. 42k behind and only limited help from Classics (2 episodes out of the 5).
    The arrival of Granzilla has spread the chill this far south. Freezing nights, snow on the mountains.
  • Mr B has Man Flu, I have Bunny Flu

    Oh, the joy of watching repeats of Tenable
    The ten most Southerly capitals. But name the country…

    Thick as ****

    But it’s a really hard question
  • Amazing how many people think India is in the southern hemisphere.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Every child should have a globe. Then we will all realise we are not the centre of the world.
  • That's a double whammy hard question @hunnybunny. First you have figure out the countries, then you have to know the capitals.
  • The ten I guessed were all in the top 12, if you ignored oversees territories like The Falklands which seems fair. But I only knew 7 capitals. And that took a long time.
  • It's a very lop sided situation. Wellington in New Zealand is the southernmost. But there are 48 capitals that are further north than Wellington is south. Get a globe!

    Berlin is north of London. Who knew?
  • I see someone is not being entirely truthful; not you Dan!
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