Bad Piggies Rise and Swine Level 2-24 Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Rise and Swine Level 2-24 can be 3-starred in two steps. Build a basic cart with two wheels above and below. Let it roll down the hill, to collect the star and use the soda bottles to propel it to the finish line. The “no wheels” contraption will include one frame with both soda bottles facing down. This should send Freckles high enough to land on the other end, and cross the finish line.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By Olde Edo

Try making a vehicle with 1 box in the middle and 4 wheels attached all around. This just rolls and tumbles all the way past any hazards.

By Dav

That’s it. I was trying to do what the site said but the cart kept breaking. I spent 5 super glues on that shit. Then I did this.

By quilly

if you do a pig punt you can get Freckles to roll down the first tube and get the cupcake as well. Single box with bottle on left and pig on right outside. Let Freckles roll a bit then set off the bottle. It will push himim past the first hole and into the furst tube.

By Bobby

It’s hard to do that though. I spent 10 minutes trying to do that and then came here.

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