Bad Piggies Hidden Skull Level 2-11 Walkthrough

This video shows you how to get the skull that is hidden in Bad Piggies Rise and Swine Level 2-11. The skull is located above the starting point. Place Freckles above a four frame contraption, and a boxing glove below him. The glove should send him flying through the opening above, and land on the skull.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By jes00

There is a much easier way to do this. In the middle left box just place a single boxing glove pointing down and place Freckles on top of it. Then launch the boxing glove and he’ll go right to the skull.

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By DJnotnice (@jaws1)

thanks, that is much easier :)

By McKay B

Or have the boxing glove point up, and put the Piggy in a metal box so he doesn’t overshoot.

By Erics

i found a great method to get that skull almost EVERY TIME (4/5 times)
top row: (first space to put things) (top leftmost) put a steel block there, and after that put the pig next to that block. row under top row (middle leftmost)put the non-suction cup wheel facing sideways to hold up the block thats on top of it, then put a steel block next it (to hold the wheel in place), then another block next to that with a punching glove facing up in it. row under middle row (bottom left)(not left most), put a steel block next to the leftmost build space (by this point you should have the pig on top of 2 steel blocks if u did this step correctly), then put another punching glove facing up in the steel block

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